Christians Awake, The Gate of Hell Is Now Open!

Angel Blowing Trumpet

Millions of Christians all over the world may be wondering what is happening to our world; the truth of the matter is that Jesus Christ has left the sixth heaven and he is marching towards the earth heaven – the seventh in the line of God’s creation! His mission as we all know is to rapture all those who have made him LORD over their lives.

Jesus nearness to the earth has obviously sent out a high level alert in the demonic kingdom, as no one in the spiritual realm know the exact time and date of his ETA (estimated time of arrival) upon the earth atmosphere. So the ruler of this present darkness, Lucifer, has thrown the gates of hell wide open and unleashed all manner and types of evil spirits into the earth environment to pollute the lives of Christians. Principal among these evil demons are the spirits of death sent to harvest the souls of compromising and falling Christians into Satan’s Kingdom.

The crusading force from the pit of hell who are called Endtime Spirits are now here, and their duty is to roundup all children of light who are neither here nor there in their faith and ensure that they are not raptured, but remain to face tribulation during the reign of the son of Lucifer, the beast!

Not many days from now, the main anti-Christ will revealed himself to the world from the ISIS fold, as the chaos and uncertainty of the world continue without tangible solution. Christians are the main target of this surge, because they are the main threat to the Kingdom of darkness. Many Christian homes are facing attacks, their children no longer read their bible, but devote their time to smart phones and handsets; God has been relegated to the backdrop! This is the evil kingdom strategy to make sure many of the children of light follow them to the bottomless pit for eternity.

All the financial and health trials the children of light are passing through, is as a result of the increasing pressure from the pit of hell to frustrate every effort  being made by Christ believers, so that they will turn from the faith. These end time spirits know that there is a suffering level a man reaches; the next thing is to seek help elsewhere. The modern Church is not helping the believer to weather the storm and many are turning away from the faith. Jesus Christ, the author of our faith, spoke about the suffering and hardship many will face towards the end of time in Matt.24: 3-27.

Please, as you read this revelation, be serious about your faith in Christ Jesus. He is the Way, the Truth and the Light, no one will enter heaven without passing through him. He is nearer to earth than you can imagine to rapturing his elect, the saints! Will you be among the numbers to be up in the sky with Jesus or among those left behind to face the son of Lucifer?

Remember the days of Noah, men went about their businesses and ignore the call for repentance believing so much in themselves; when the flood came unexpectedly, only eight people were saved.

Jesus is LORD.

Phillips Eteng, Evangelist.

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