Bushiri Anchors Apostle Felix in USA

ubert Angel and Apostle Felixosis

Shepherd Bushiri, popularly known as Major 1, the multi-millionaire young Prophet  of this generation has made good his desire to have an anchor point in  North America. It is now fully confirmed that the rising Wiseman of the Prophet, a vibrant and humble youthful Apostle, called Felixioss Huious, is now the anchor point of the American branch of ECG, the ministry arm of Shepherd Bushiri.

Like John, the beloved of Jesus Christ, whom a lot was revealed to in order to carry the mantle of revelation of the gospel. Apostle Felixioss Huious is a truly beloved of the multi-millionaire prophet, he has over the years enjoyed a senior brother guardianship and a spiritual mentorship. The result is manifesting in the various assignments, Major-1, has been sending him to accomplish both in South Africa and the USA.

A humble child is obedient and submissive to his mentor and spiritual father, this youthful Felix has been doing and growing in power and strength! Connection to the anointed  grows an anointing, such is the rising profile of the young apostle, who recently wined and dined with Prophet Ubert Angel, the spiritual father of  Shepherd Bushiri, while on a programme in the United States.

Apostle Felix Ministering USAThe phenomenal rise of Malawian born Prophet Shepherd Bushiri in the African Gospel circuit is one of wonder! His fame and resources quadrupled upon his relocation to Pretoria in South Africa, where his ECG Church ( Enlighten Christian Gathering) is based. The Sunday congregation of the church hovers around 35-40,000 per worship day, the Prophet has acquired acres upon acres of land along the Pretoria/Johannesburg road to build a mega-mega church that can hold upwards of 400,000 worshippers in one mega service. Already work has commenced on the project site.

Is the super wealth of his mentor and spiritual father robbing off on Apostle Felixosis? The answer is not farfetched, as most of his Facebook and Instagram postings often show him driving super-cars like Porsche Carrere, Bentley or inside one of the prophet’s jets. In addition to the spiritual impartation, is the Prophet teaching the youthful Apostle how to fish in the pond of riches? Quiet certain, the Prophet is giving his US anchor man the whole works, as he boasted once on a television programme on an independent channel; “he Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is one of the youngest richest men in the world, and he preaches the gospel with demonstration of power!”

Prophet Bushiri in his Jet

Major-1 Inside His Jet (Right)

Shepherd Bushiri Consultancy (SBC) established in Dubai, UAE celebrated its one year anniversary in January 2017. The company achieved a 100% profit from oil trading and 80% profits from Gold trading. A feat, Bushiri attributed to the hand of God. In addition to SBC, Shepherd Bushiri, the businessman, owns investments in an airline business, real estate, mining, hotels, telecom and agriculture. His currency of use and operations is the greenback, the US, dollar!

Major-1, Apostle Felixosis mentor and spiritual father may go down in history as one of the materially richest and spiritual anointed prophet of all times. We all await and watch the growth of the most visible of Prophet Bushiri’s wiseman. The grace of God is sufficient for all that yield themselves to him, who is King of kings and LORD of Lords.

You can reach Apostle Felixoss on his facebook page on the following link. www.facebook.com/huios.felix

Phillips Eteng, Evangelist.

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2 Responses to Bushiri Anchors Apostle Felix in USA

  1. Edmound says:

    May God continue to use you mightily brother Felixosis,your best days are yet to come

  2. Manthata John Ralekgokgo says:

    May the hand of God cover you for us.

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