The Cobweb of Trials of Apostle Johnson Suleiman

Johnson Suleman

Jesus Christ told his disciples before his ascension that anyone who follows him must be ready to face persecution and humiliation, especially, if you are a mantle carrier! He said the world would hate you because they hated him before you, but be of good cheer. He said his joy he leaves with you not as the world gives; but you must be a Peter to enjoy this joy and not a Judas Iscariot! Every Peter is given the grace and must burn off the inglorious cobweb of test trials in their front.

The present national and international travails of Nigerian based vocal apostle, Johnson Suleiman, does little to add to the credibility of the Church! What the Church of Christ need now is Holy Spirit revival in our homes, communities, towns and cities to create a rebound of the depleting souls in God’s Kingdom. Rightly or wrongly, the internet through the social media is causing havoc in the household of faith, because many hidden secrets of revered servants of God are making world headlines, rather than salvation and holiness stories.

Should servants of God be rebelliously vocal in the unfolding pangs of the end of the ages to the uncircumcised ears of a nation, or engage the rulership in dialogue to make them see reason for decorum. Apostle Johnson Suleiman travails began when he decided to confront the Federal government of Nigeria and its unfair treatment of Christians being tormented by the tribe of herdsmen known as Fulani’s. In the face of rage and anger he made some prophetic declaration on a serving governor of the Northern State of Kaduna, a major flash point in the religious quagmire of Nigeria. The governor, Nasir El-Rufai, is a Muslim and a third generation descendant of Fulani parentage.

The issue of the Fulani herdsmen attack on Christian communities and villages is a national discuss, which if not handled properly can ignite dissolution of the Nigerian state as it presently stands. No man wants to be a second class citizen in their homeland!

There was social media mocking of the prophesy of Apostle Suleiman, when it did not come to pass after the governor of Kaduna state, pushed ahead with his legislation to gag religious preachers on the messages to their congregations!  The Fulani herdsmen attack rather than abate increased across the Middle Belt of Nigeria, mainly on the farmlands of native homesteads.

It was when the menace of the herdsmen threaten to reach the headquarters of Omega Fire Ministries headquarters along the Benin/Asaba Trunk A road that the fiery apostle spoken out, promising fire for fire against any invading Fulani herdsmen. This automatically pitched him against a Federal Government who were at a loss on how best to bring the threat posed by the herdsmen to rest, and not heat up the polity. The secret police, the DSS, tried to arrest him for those words of incitement to destabilize the nation, but failed due to the intervention of Ekiti State governor, Ayo Fayose, an open critic of the central government. However, peace prevailed, when the DSS invited him formally to their Abuja headquarters to caution him on his use of words as a highly visible pastor.

Hardly had Apostle Johnson Suleiman finished with the DSS that a sex scandal of an abnormal proportion broke out – keeping him in the front headlines for the third week running. His accuser, a Nigerian-Canadian singer, called Stephanie Otobo. She accused him of having extra-marital affair with her after they met in Canada, where the Apostle had gone to hold a Church programme. She claimed the affair has been on since 2015, and she became pregnant in the process after the man of God promised to marry her. Her fury now is because he failed to fulfill his promise and terminated the pregnancy. Ms. Otobo also claim that each time the Apostle visits Europe, she travels from Canada to be with him; arranging the music to play and his schedule.

To support her claim, she released Skype type photo shot showing an intimate posture of Apostle Johnson Suleiman chatting with her. While the respected Man of God denied Stephanie’s accusation and his media team has gone to town to rubbish her claim of infidelity. Stephanie and a fellow Nigerian Canadian went to make a withdrawal from her bank when her ATM failed, but was arrested by the police on a trump up charge of Terrorism. For seven days, they were guest of the Kirikiri  Medium prison in Lagos, before being granted bail. She however, accused Suleiman for her arrest and detention over terrorism charges. Stephanie has since engaged the fiery human rights Lawyer Festus Kayemo’s chambers  to handle her case with the reverend gentleman!

Barely a week into the Stephanie Otobo’s scandal, the name of a Nollywood actress she said Suleiman told her he had an affair with came into scrutiny by the press. The not so popular actress, Daniela Okeke, was alleged to have received a $75,000 Mercedes-Benz 450 GL from the Apostle. A check with the Lagos State vehicle registration website traced the car to Apostle Johnson Suleiman.

Children of God, we all know the devil is on a rampage and the bible stated that judgment will start from the altar of God. We should all be on guard because the hidden secrets of the dark will surely be revealed in the light of day. The pleasures of the moment can be the undoing of a lifetime achievement. Fame and popularity is a bait for unholy attack by the devil and his evil agents! He always strike when you are so confident and believe you are on top. Humble yourself and do not attack or condemned other men of God on your pulpit, it’s a passport to shame and disgrace, because if the man has a higher anointing, you will be left with your base mind.

Our prayer for Apostle Johnson Suleiman, is that he should not fight for what he and God know is true, so that the Church of God will not further be ridiculed by unbelievers and thus, drive people into the hands of the devil. If these accusations are false, then fret not yourself, because he who called you into service is able to fight and vindicate you before the world. Let them bring out all they have against you, if it is made up, it will not stand the test of time. But if the accusations are confirm and true, then there is really no hiding place for you, but for you to ask for mercy and forgiveness.

Millions of believer’s destiny is hanging on you, because they trust and believe in your ministry.

Phillips Eteng, Evangelist.


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