Promoting African Gospel Authors & Music


To all the thousands of users of blog from across the world, I want to honestly apologize for the interruption in accessing the website on the internet over two weeks now. I cherish your continuous patronage of my blog and the emails of testimonies.

The economic recession in Nigeria, my country, affected everything including online dollar payment and purchases. The change affected the domain name renewal, hence the delay in settling  the bill for continuous access of the website by the general public. Thank God, the blog is now live and active again.

The need to promote original christian books by Africans, African praise and worship songs, gospel messages from anointed Men of God from Africa has given rise to my soon to be launched online christian bookshop called Gospel Shop Africa.  This is a one-stop shop for any material you need from the African continent.

Africa has over the past twenty-five years witnessed a sharp rise in the move of the Holy Spirit and it is evidence all over the continent. This move has shocked the Western World and many are yet to come to terms with the Spiritual move of both the Word and the Holy Spirit in countless Churches across Africa. Many rubbish editorials have been written in the Western media on the move of the Holy Spirit in Africa; some attributing it to demon worship and evil spirituality by Africans.

Sadly, as the Western moral values declined to it lowest ebb, Africans found solace in the comforting words of the gospel in many diverse ways from differing pulpits across it’s nations. While the West painted a picture that only the poorly and uneducated patronized this churches, which are mainly Pentecostal in nature. The facts on the ground contradicted this assumptions. The congregations of this mega churches cuts across the socio-economic divide! As is common in every society across the world, there exist the good the bad and the ugly in the Church of God.

Gospel Shop Africa, intends to focus mainly on the contributions being made by Ministers from Africa to the world gospel arena. The shop is willing to sell well written christian books on all topics from African authors on its shelves (Paperback, Hardback or , local language praise and worship songs on either Cds or MP3. We are not publishers, but a retail shop, so authors should not send us their manuscripts, but their published works.

Send samples of your books, CDs or MP3 to for consideration. Visit us at

Phillips Eteng, Evangelist.

2 thoughts on “Promoting African Gospel Authors & Music”

    1. Spiritual wealth comes from your relationship with Almighty God and Jesus Christ. Wisdom is a grace given by the Holy Spirit to enable you give precise insight to the physical things around you and the spiritual nature of God. You can get these from requesting it from God through prayers on a daily basis. John 14: 12-14

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