Nigeria Electricity Bewitched By Sango Diety!



I am compelled to reproduce a letter I wrote to two former Nigerian Presidents concerning the cause of the  failure to achieve steady level of electricity power supply for over forty years in the country. To ensure that he get to read the content of my letter, apart from dropping a copy at the Presidential Villa, I posted a copy to his Facebook page.

A onetime cabinet Minister at the Presidency picked up a Google search of the Spiritual Solution to Electricity Crisis in Nigeria, and used an extract during a media chat. He was ridiculed by the national press, who stated that instead of proffering real life solutions to solving the electricity supply problems, he is attributing it to the supernatural!

It is now seven years, the Federal Government of Nigeria has spent well over US$5 billion on new power generation plants, transmission and distribution. The Nigerian nation is still where we are fourteen years ago, load shedding and total blackout for days, and there seems to be no end in sight. And believe me, until the originating foundation is destroyed and a new one arises, regular and constant electricity supply will elude Africa’s population power house, Nigeria.

Here are the content of my previous letters to the presidency. It is applicable to the current rulership as it was to yesterday’s rulership and to tomorrow’s.  

Mr President, Sir,

As your administration put together the necessary resources to tackle the endemic power generation and distribution problems of our great country. I wish to implore you, Mr President, to tackle the spiritual side of the crisis plaguing the power sector, which has caused more than thirty years of epileptic power supply!

It is only then the nation would witness a true manifestation of regular and uninterrupted power supply; thus saving the Nigerian tax payers billions of dollars in phantom electricity supply. Some times, Mr President, the solution to our problems may be very small, but we trivialize it, because Almighty God has not given us eyes to see beyond the physical. To this day, Mr President, our Father in Heaven, is still speaking and revealing things to his Servants and Ministers on earth.

Nigeria is in God’s plan for mankind in our generation. Evidence abound in the effect Nigerian Ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ are having globally. Mr President, Nigeria has the potential and capacity to generate and distribute electricity that will affect every facets of the economy. It is only a God given solution that will take us to the promise land of the Vision 202020 aspiration for the power sector. Mr. President, Sir, there is a spiritual cloud that has been hanging over the power sector for over thirty years, it’s a curse that negate every good intentions of government for the sector. That is the reason regular and constant supply of electricity has eluded the nation in spite of the billions of dollars spent by past governments. The spiritual strongholds the founding fathers dedicated the power sector to are having their pound of flesh, because no sacrifices have been offered to them. The curse of the sector is from Almighty God and not from man. ( II Chronicle 7: 14)

THE PROBLEM: The faulty foundation the founding fathers of NEPA laid after independence, is responsible for the power saga of our nation. As the engine room of every country’s economic growth and success, the Nigerian power sector – which is it’s livewire was wrongly dedicated by the Federal Government to the Yoruba deity of Thunder, Sango – a human made god.( I Kings 18: 24 -39)

To further cement the pact with the deity in the 1970s, the first headquarters of NEPA in Lagos had the Sango statue boldly erected in its frontage. Thus sealing the covenant between the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Yoruba god of thunder, Sango, where it concerns electricity generation in Nigeria. What Nigeria is reaping today in terms of poor power generation and supply is the result of that covenant. As the deity is not appeased in annual sacrifices, he takes it in the form of drain pipe investments in the sector. Although, the name of NEPA has been changed to PHCN and its headquarters moved to Abuja from Lagos, the point of covenant and release still remains in Lagos.

SOLUTIONS: Mr President, Sir. Our God is merciful and ready to forgive us, when we realise our mistakes and return to him doing the right thing. ( Isaiah 55:7). All power in Heaven, on earth and beneath the earth belongs to our God – He gives light, so that darkness would not prevail upon his children and their nation. For He will not share His Glory with anyone – be it man or spirit! When Nigerians begin to enjoy uninterrupted power supply, the glory should go to the Most High God and not to a man-made-god!

NEW COVENANT: The Federal Government has to break the old covenant made with the Yoruba deity Sango, as the symbol of electricity, by pulling down the statue in the Lagos office of PHCN and denouncing all association whether spiritual or physical with the deity. Images of the deity should be deleted from all materials of either NEPA or PHCN. Christian ministers with visible anointing of God should join in prayers of consecration of buildings, power plants, distribution centers of PHCN and the Independent Power Plants in the country. These men of God should be selected through prayers to the Almighty God. There will be opposition, Mr President, but God will make us triumph over the forces of evil that has held the power sector captive.

DEDICATION: The Federal Government should declare three days of National fasting and prayers starting from a Friday and ending on a Sunday, for the re-birth of the power sector. The day of dedication should be the Monday after the fasting and prayers, by the two major religion in the Country. The day should be declared a public holiday to enable the nation be in a state of prayers; for the deliverance of the power sector from the clutches of the demonic gods and kingdoms that have held it hostage for so many years. Mr President, Sir, PHCN headquarters in Abuja and the Lagos annex should be re-dedicated to Almighty God, who is both light and life. The earth is the LORD and the fullness thereof. Glory be to His Name forever and ever. Amen


The symbol of the new covenant with the Almighty God, should be a hand holding up a touch with a flame. The hand is the invisible hand of God, while the touch is the source of unquenchable energy and the flame – the light of the nation. Mr President, Sir, all that I have written to you is as revealed by the Spirit of God to me, his servant and Minister. This is for the sake of the cries and agonizing of his children over the power sector of our nation. May you find it in your heart to do as the LORD has revealed and bring our nation out of darkness into a permanent light, for His glory. Amen

May God Almighty, cause his favour to shine on you as our President, to lead this great country into economic growth and of prosperity for generations yet unborn. For Nigeria is a nation of prophets and teachers – as is evidenced through out the world (Act 13:1). In Jesus Name. Amen.

Your Humble-Servant-In the Lord,’



Evangelist/ The Messenger.


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