2017 ! The Year of Fire


We give thanks to Almighty God for granting us life to cross over to another year. The bible says the expectation of the righteous shall not be cut off. So your expectation in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ, 2017 shall be reverenced for sometime to come. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that it is a year of FIRE!

Fire has many spiritual and physical meaning to the Christian. As it can be consuming, so can it also be warming and refining. This is the year with the peculiar unique number seven, which in the spiritual realm connotes perfection and refinement. The Holy Spirit says its only those who have fire on the outside and the inside, that will survive 2017. Many Christians have quenched their fire because of the lust of the glory of the world, material possession has overshadowed righteousness and holiness.

Also many once godly nations have quenched their fire for evil glory. The perilous times spoken about in 2 Timothy 1:1-17 is already here, and will continue to show its ugly head upon the earth. Nothing and nothing any man or woman or nation can do to delay the approaching end of the ages. The year 2017 draws man closer to the season he abhors! Hardship and challenges to nations and individuals will increase greatly, but only those with fire inside and outside will emerge victorious.

If your fire is only on the outside, the raging fire that opened up the year will destroy you completely. But if your fire is both inside and outside, you are going to glow brighter and more as you find your self in its midst in the cause of the year. In the book of Daniel 3:13, 23-26, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego found themselves in the midst of a fiery furnace, what saved them was the fire that was already surrounding them ( in the form of the Holy Spirit). Their boldness at confronting the human king over their faith, confirmed the fire burning inside and outside their human bodies.

Those who open themselves to the Most High and plead for rekindling of their low fire will received answers instantly. The Word and Praise will be the source of making your fire burn hotter and glow brighter in the midst of darkness. Demons, evil spirits and all the evil personalities hate the fire of the Sons of God, because its hotter than hell. It is that fire that route them out of their hiding places upon the surface of the earth.

Manage to maintain that fire that is in you in 2017, while others are crying for want, you will be basking in the glory of the Most High. Refine gold and silver glitters and cannot be hidden. Show yourself as a workman approved by Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit to grow the Kingdom.

Phillips Eteng, Evangelist.

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