Sweep The Dead Men’s Bones In The Church


Strange as the title of this piece may sound, it was a direct instruction from our Lord Jesus Christ, as I prayed this morning. He used Matt.23 to speak to me on this cold Abuja morning! Why such a topic in the midst of the Christian celebrations of Christmas –the most colourful festival of the assumed birthday of Jesus Christ, the son of the Living God? It is a message that will begin to re-echo in the coming days and weeks and months ahead. What many don’t realised is that Jesus Christ, the Messiah has left the first heaven, the dwelling place of the Almighty God and he is almost at the sixth heaven. The earth is in the seventh heaven and the final battle ground.

Jesus was not happy with the teachings and behaviour of the priestly rulers of his time, which comprised of the Pharisees and the Scribes. So also he is not happy with those who have been entrusted to head the Churches of this dispensation. The singular reason for this unhappiness is that billions of people will end up in hell fire, because many unholy things have crept into the Church, which he himself boasted saying, on this rock I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail upon it. Today, the Church is dressed in fine attire, but inside are the dead men’s bones which are unclean.

In his usage of words against those Church leaders he described in Matt.23, the word “Woe” kept re-occurring; which expresses disappointment, anger, under-performance and damnation! Satan’s strategies are today slowly but surly drawing a whole generation of youth to him, and the Church is looking on powerless and unable to do anything. The influence information technology is having on today’s youngsters is alarming; the unity and love that is the bedrock of the family unit has been overshadowed by virtual friends on facebook, twitter, Whatsapp and Snapchat. The central convergence of the family which is the living room and dinning area has been taken up by the bedroom, where most teenagers spend their time chatting or playing with their smartphone devices. Parent are left alone to occupy the living room with the big television set with no children to chat with or laugh with!

The Church, which is the light of the world and their leaders are too busy trying to out-do one another, rather than building the total body through sustainable strategies. Bickering among ministers, who are suppose to be working together for a common goal –populating the Kingdom of our God! Congregations that are more interested in prosperity messages and prophecies than the work of the Kingdom. Flaunting of earthly acquisition by ministers at the detriment of the gospel, woe unto you says the Lord of the Kingdom, for you are not different from the merchants that used my Father’s house as a market place instead of a house of prayers!

This is a warning to all children of carnality, in 2017, the fierce fire of cleansing shall sweep through the Church with its scorching heat and uncontrollable flames. If your outside and inside is not  fire, then you will  be burnt through. But if your inside and outside is truly fire, you have nothing to fear! Because the fire level of the Church must be raised hotter than the fire of hell, to preserve the redeemed of the Lord.

It shall not be business as usual, for all that the Lord God Almighty has spoken of the end shall increase in manifestation upon the earth.  Dead men bones shall be swept away from the Church for the bride of glory to shine again as it was ordained from the beginning. Seek first the Kingdom of God and its righteousness and all other things shall be added unto thee, says the groom of the bride. Take heed, for judgment shall start from the altar of the Church, if none is saved from there, what shall become of the congregation?



Phillips Eteng, Evangelist.

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