Why Christmas Was Replaced With Xmas

Christmas icon The feeling of holidays is always more pronounced when December shows its face; the most celebrated Christian festival on the planet fills the atmosphere. Newly born babies are not exempted from the feeling of joy and happiness in homes across nations. In a country like Nigeria, my home, where there is almost equal divide between Christians and Moslems, the season is celebrated together! The controversy surrounding the origin of Christmas and whether or not it represent the actual day Jesus Christ, the reason for the celebration was born, is an issue only the Holy Spirit can resolve. Many bible scholars will tell you that from the Scriptural narrative, the Shepherd attending to their flock would not be found out in the open during winter, which December represent in Israel. The Angels heralding the arrival of the Messiah, the saviour of mankind met the shepherds in the open field at night, winter is colder at night than during the day.

Yes, Jesus Christ the Son of God was not born during winter, but during spring when the earth brought forth its bud. As the seeds planted by man shot out of the earth to be seen by all and feed the hungry sheep and humanity, God’s Son spring forth to save the world from satanic bondage. A perfect equation by the creator! Those who are for or against Christmas and the timing should be led by the fact that Jesus Christ is preached. Any celebration or festival that has Jesus Christ as the center of focus is approved by the Host of Heaven, timing being inconsequential!

Christians the world over should be more concerned about the bastardazation of the brand “CHRISTMAS” than over season, origin and actual birth date. In the last thirty years, the evil world has persistently and consistently pursued an agenda to degrade the value of any brand that has the Christ or semblance of  Jesus in it. It was a subtle battle that succeeded in down grading “CHRISTMAS”  to “XMAS”! The irony of the whole battle is that those who are suppose to protect the brand, the Christians, are the one shouting the negative brand “XMAS” the loudest; including ministers of the gospel and the Christian media.

Over the years, the essence of this Christian celebration was been eroded by the negative corruption of the brand Christmas, so that other non-Christian activities can be introduced to justify calling it “Xmas”. We all know that anything with the “X” prefix denote failure, evil and sin. The only path to recover the Christmas brand is for believers of Christ Jesus to start replacing the “X” with Christ. These same evil master minders are responsible for the use of IJN abbreviation instead of writing in full “In Jesus Name”. Any Christian using those satanic branding for what is suppose to represent Jesus Christ is sinning against Almighty God. Brethren, beware of the evil days spoke by Jesus in Matt. 24:11-13.

The children of darkness want to replace every keyword that glorifies the Almighty God and Jesus Christ among the children of men with meaningless words. Recently, in the United States, the Supreme Court ruled that “ In God We Trust” that is in the dollar bill must be retained, after some atheists went to court asking for “God” to be removed from the statement in the currency.


Phillips Eteng, Evangelist.

Note: I have not been able to post to my blog for a month, because of a spiritual journey I embarked upon. In the coming days, I will share with you what God is doing in this generation?

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