Donald Trump Fulfills Prophesy, Wins US Presidency!

untitled The financial markets and the stock exchange around the world opened on  depressed notes, when it was obvious that billionaire US business man, Donald Trump, was just three points away from victory. Hillary Clinton could not gather enough electoral points to reach the magic number of 270 electoral college votes needed to win the Whitehouse. The most hotly contested US presidential election  in the history of North America. What stood out right from the beginning of the presidential campaign was the body language of Donald Trump, which showed a man with a mission to stir up the inner dissatisfaction of white Americans on the effect of globalization on the US. It caught on like wild fire; re-awaking racist bigots and those who believe migrants have stolen their jobs and their country. Donald woke up a monster hidden in the hearts of many white working class Americans.

The US election was deeply divided on race, religion and gender basis. A poll analyst stated that the KKK (Ku Klux Klan), a white male dominated racist organization boasted how they went about mobilizing rural Americans to vote against Clinton. Now that Donald Trump has won the US Presidency, what next?

His acceptance speech was more of a calmer Trump with a reconciliatory tone. What a man says and what he does is always at variance with each other. The minority votes could not tilt the massive reawakening of white working class voters.

What the world should expect in the coming years of a Donald Trump presidency is an emperor overseeing  his empire, with little regards for the opinions of others. He will stir up anger and confusion in the nations of the world, as long as his American empire profits from it. He will run the US as a corporation in relationship with other countries. Initially, he will listen to his advisers, but after a while he will jettison all form of advice believing that his decisions are more superior. He will be his own adviser taking a cue from his successful Trump empire business. His regards for women will be zero and his performance on the world stage will be shocking by what he says.

Racism will rise and opportunities will abound, but millions will live in fear. Never in the history of the world has confusion and uncertainty risen to the levels it will reach  eighteen months into a Donald Trump presidency. All these happenings is a pointer to the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah of the world.

As I watched the American and world analysts asking themselves what went wrong, that their scientific predictions and projections of an Hillary Clinton victory went off course, I can only raise my hands to heaven and give glory to God. Like the days of Noah, when men went about their businesses, God spoke to Noah and told him to announce to the world of the impending disaster and prepare themselves for it. Man simply ignored him as he built his ark on dry ground. Brethren, be in faith and speak love to your neighbours and pray without ceasing. For the Messiah shall come as a thief in the night, when you did not expect him.

Phillips Eteng, Evangelist.

One thought on “Donald Trump Fulfills Prophesy, Wins US Presidency!”

  1. My take is different from yours sir. I will always go with the man or woman whose acts speak louder than his/her word. America belong to Americans and as such every other nation or national should dwell on developing their own rather than living off America and still dictate to America. As a Christian Trump talked and did more for Christ and Christianity than Obama and his lacking. Trump set up a Christian Advisory board to bring back Christian ethics into American life. That is a plus. Sure he is going to terminate Obama’s arrangement to put money into the hands of Iran whose sworn objective is the annihilation of Isreal. America deserves a president that will put America first just as Nigeria deserves a president that will put Nigeria first in all things

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