Shepherd Bushiri Expands To New York

Shepherd Bushiri Ministering in New York City

Malawian Prophet and  General Overseer of ECG Church, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, has launched a branch of his Church in New York  City in the United States. The move is part of the prophet desire to reach the Americans with his prophetic gift. Early in the year, Bushiri and his wife paid a working visit to the city that never sleep. The flamboyant minister who is the youngest man to own a Gulf Stream jet, combines his work for God with ownership of several high networth businesses; ranging from mining, real estate, forex trading, electronic industry, banking and a university of agriculture in South Sudan.

FORBE Magazine’s African edition estimates that Shepherd Bushiri is worth $180 million dollars and growing. One of his regular saying is that ‘Peter and John at the beautify gate, told the cripple man-“silver and gold we have not, but that which we have we give to you, in the name of Jesus Christ, rise up and walk”. But for him, Shepherd Bushiri, silver and gold he has and the anointing he also have, so no problem for your healing and breakthrough!

Unlike his fellow African prophets, who have maintained their presence in the homeland and have only affiliates in the USA; Prophet Bushiri intends to make his presence felt by regular visitation and outreach programmes.

October 29, 2016, the first of many outreach programmes organized by ECG USA, was held in New York city. Though the venue was not filled to capacity as expected, but those who attended the outreach were not disappointed.

The Prophet making his way to the Altar in NY, USA

The vision to take the gospel to the USA can clearly been seen in the Prophet effort to set up structures that will bring in indigent White and African Americans into the ECG fold. It is generally observed that most Africa owned Churches expanding to the US hardly attracts indigents Americans, apart from one or two of them with global following! Majority of attendees are usually African migrants. Many ministers have tried to crack this pot to let Americans know that African has come of age with the gospel. How Prophet Bushiri will crack the pot of resistance to getting a mixed race gospel audience in the USA remains to be seen.

May God open the eyes of Americans to see the glorious light shinning from Africa to the world for true firebrand revival in this end time. The Messiah Is Coming.

Phillips Eteng, Evangelist.




5 thoughts on “Shepherd Bushiri Expands To New York”

  1. I have been praying for revival and gospel of Jesus to be accompanied with
    Many miracles so that the lost can know Jesus since 2008, thank You Jesus for bringing
    Prophet Bushiri in my lifetime.
    I attended ECG late this year and while I was in South Africa, I was
    Praying that God would send Prophet Bushiri to USA. I’m truly grateful
    to God for what He has done, if I knew about ECG in New York last
    Week was being launched, I would have been there. Now I’m sure
    God will send him to where I am cos the Darkness of religion without
    Power is here and we need serous revival.

  2. i never heard of this until it finally happened, how do i get information on the prophet visiting the states. When will he be coming back to the states.

  3. Please my prophet we can’t wait to
    see you again. Come back soon.

    God bless you, your family and your

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