Walter Magaya, Zimbabwe’s Controversial Prophet!


Prophet Walter Magaya is among the most celebrated self proclaimed prophets in Zimbabwe and is the founder of Prophetic Healing Deliverance Ministries (P.H.D).  In early 2014, he converted  a popular exotic dancer Beverly Sibanda and it was reported that, many people joined his church after this. Prophet Magaya opened a boutique for Bev as a way of helping her to eke a living since she was no longer a pole dancer. However, the two severed their ties after three months when Bev was allegedly manhandled by Magaya’s bouncers. Magaya has been a force to reckon with in Zimbabwe, out maneuvering his predecessors Emmanuel Makandiwa and Uebert Angel. He has performed a wide range of miracles.

Born on 6th November 1983 in Mhondoro Ngezi and grew up in Chitungwiza, both in Zimbabwe. He was a member of the Catholic Charismatic group named Blood of the Lamb Christian Community (BLCC) for many years. Magaya is married to Tendai Magaya (nee Katsiga) who is a banker by profession. The couple have two sons, Yadah Makanaka and Walter Junior. Prophet Magaya began his ministry in 2012 when he returned from Nigeria where he had an encounter with TB. Joshua who guided him to his God given mandate. Since then, Magaya has been performing breathtaking miracles which are believed to have drawn the attention of many causing havoc to his predecessor’s congregates. Magaya states that he tried out a number of ventures before realizing that the gospel ministry was his calling.

His all-night prayer, dubbed Night of Turnaround 3 was held on Friday 7th to 8th of November 2014 and more than 350,000 people attended this all night prayer, undoubtedly making it one of the biggest congregations recorded in Zimbabwean history. It was reported that, people from all over the country flocked the religious venue from as early as 5 am and those from outside the country were in Harare a few days before the prayer night. The event was attended by several prominent artistes and some government officials. Some of the notable figures that attended the event were Zanu PF politburo member Tendai Savanhu and Zimbabwe Tourism Authority boss Karikoga Kaseke and Bryn Mteki.

Prophet Magaya has performed a number of miracles. The first miracle he performed was praying for the restoration of a Mr. Nyandoro’s sight. Mr Nyandoro was blind for 3 years. During one of Prophet Magaya’s services, Theresa Mandishaya from Nyamidzi in Nyazura who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011 and had lost one of her breasts as a result of the disease was reportedly healed. Doctors failed to help Mandishaya and for three years she was unable to walk. However, when Magaya prayed for her she was totally restored. Prophet Magaya reportedly healed a man who had suffered from mental illness for 30 years. Magaya, went on to build a house for the man and appointed two people from his church to cater for the man.

One Kudzai Damba was reportedly saved from satanism by Magaya. It was reported that Damba joined a certain Satanic cult in 2010 after being persuaded by one of his friends. In 2013, when Damba was about to marry, he was asked by the cult’s leader to kill his wife, an order he fiercely refused. After being saved, Damba lost everything and Magaya vouched to take care of him. In early 2015, Prophet Magaya prophesied that there would be a fire which would break out in the Central Business District of Harare near First Street. Two weeks later this prophecy apparently came to pass. No fatalities and damages were caused by the fire and Magaya claimed that he also prayed for that.

In August 2016, the prophet was arrested on rape charges. He was released on US $2,000 bail shortly afterwards to appear in court again for trial. Magaya had indicated days earlier that he was the target of extortion. Unlike other prominent prophets in Zimbabwe, Prophet Magaya has been credited for his humility as he prefers to be identified as a common man who is anointed however by grace to do what he is doing.



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