Should You Pay Tithe To Your Church?

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The most over flogged topic in the Christian world today is tithe. While some believe that every Christian should pay tithe, as stated in Mal.3:10-12, if the doors of financial breakthrough are to open for you. Other school of faith, states that tithe is an old testament command, which went with the dispensation of the Leviticus priesthood order! They claim that with the advent of the Melchisdeck priesthood order, which Jesus Christ is the high priest, the old has given way to the new. So it is not mandatory for Christians to pay tithe. The gulf between the two schools of thought has widen considerably over the years and still growing.

Why do new generation churches place so much emphasis on the payment of tithe, as the pinnacle of financial growth and success in your earthly endeavours? The simple reason is that the Church need money to survive and carryout its operations, and the only major source of income outside of freewill offering is tithe! But over the years, the abuse of the usage of tithe by officiating ministers to fund their flamboyant lifestyles has pitched them against their congregants. Many tithe payers complain of not receiving commiserate returns on their tithe as promised by their pastors, which is the sole reason for agreeing to pay! Instances exist where churches build schools which alienates their members children because of high fee charges. Other instances exist where within the churches the orphans, widows, strangers and the fatherless are not taken care of by the overflowing tithe payments.

Are people blessed for not paying tithe in the Church? The second school of faith believes that God blesses his children whether or not they pay tithe. They openly accuse Pastors of stealing from the people by making it mandatory for the ten percent to be paid directly to the church. Some use social media to canvass for worshipers not to adhere to tithe payment, because as they claim it is illegal in this dispensation of the New Testament. You only need to Google the subject tithe on the search engine and you would be amazed on what will show up.

The testimony of those who pay tithe is as mind blowing as those who don’t pay, but are generous freewill givers. The air of confusion prevailing over the atmosphere of tithe payment is in our poor understanding of God’s mind on certain biblical command. Most worshippers are mesmerized by the admonition of their pastors on tithe, rather than study and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the secret of tithe payment to them, they can not be bothered! Prosperity is your birthright and the keys are clearly laid out in the Bible. The covenant God has with you is to prosper as your soul prospers – because he does not want you to beg or be dependant on the shoulders of man.

If you would want to know more about God’s revelation to me on tithe, get a copy of my book and key into some of the fundamentals ( The Holy Spirit is the teacher of the bible which he inspired, so for  spiritual understanding of the scriptures, never read the bible without asking him to give you deep knowledge of the words spoken. There are so many mysteries embedded in the words of the bible, which only a few can decipher to the glory of Almighty God. You are one of them so use that gift and see the light of His glory manifest in your life. Jesus is LORD.

Phillips Eteng, Evangelist.

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