Stampede Averted In TB Joshua Crusade

TB Joshua On Stage.jpg

What would have been a major calamity at the just concluded crusade by world renown prophet, TB Joshua, in the nation of Peru was averted by the Holy Spirit. The first day went smoothly without any major hitches, as the crowd swelled up at Liman’s Monumental stadium. The Prophet’s message was centred on the word of God being the centre of our connection to him. Stating that God was in his word and if you believe the word, you have no need to fear. The same word he sent to us and it became human in the person of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

He admonished Christians to have a relationship with the word, so that when they pray for healing, deliverance and blessings, the word would bring it to pass. He added that a relationship outside of the word of God leads to failure. Many people are suffering because when they say be healed, the word is not from God but their own spirit; so no healing and blessings take place.

On the second and final day of the two days crusade, Prophet TB Joshua, continued with the same message entitled ” Integrity of the Word”. By the second day, the stadium was filled to capacity and several overflows existed outside of the Lima stadium. As is customary with TB Joshua, he left the pulpit and went to where thousands of people were arraigned on prayer line with diverse sicknesses and diseases.


Prophet TB Joshua ministering deliverance to the Sick

As the deliverance ministration was going on and the whole attention was focused on those receiving their healing, including the ushers. A small group of attendees on one of the galleries began moving forward, probably to have access to the touch of the prophet.

Being the true man of God that he is, he stopped the deliverance and healing ministration. he then told the overwhelming crowd that he came to save souls and not to destroy souls. He said a group of the crusade attendees were surging forward in one of the galleries, and that unless they all returned to their seats, he will discontinue the healing ministration.

He then took a plastic chair and sat down as a protest, until those people returned to their seat. When he was sure all was okay, he then stood up and continued with what he knows best. At the end of the Peru Crusades thousands of people were healed, delivered and blessed.


Praise and Worship Team In Action at The Peru crusade



God is looking for those who are ready to yield to him and not pre-occupy themselves with the things of the world. As the book of Isaiah stated in Isa.55: 4-5. Nations that knew you not shall run to you and nations that knew you shall call upon you, because you are a witness and a commander of the Lord’s people.

Exalt your name O’Lord, above your enemies; empower your people and equip them for the times ahead which is bumpy. Praise Master Jesus and the Ancient of Days!

Phillips Eteng, Evangelist.


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