Peruvians Aglow With TB Joshua’s Crusade


The South American nation of Peru, will this week join the league of  countries  south of the United States, to host world renown prophet, TB Joshua. The continent is witnessing a third wave of Holy Ghost invasion to break satanic power over it and to set its people free from bondage. In 2014, Colombia witnessed the first of the TB Joshua crusade, followed by Mexico in 2015 and now is the turn of Peru.

In order to sway the Nigerian fire brand prophet from invading its territory, the evil forces in the nation of Peru, an ancient civilization, caused two earthquakes to rock the country. After announcing in July to a South Korean crowd of his desire to re-visit the Asian country after his September crusade in Peru (an unusual departure from his normal silence before a crusade); the first earthquake hit the Southern part of the country in August. A follow up earthquake hit the Northern part two weeks to the crusade. Now four days to the crusade a famous Church in Lima, the Peruvian capital is gutted with fire!

At first we all believed that the crusade would either be postpone by the Peruvian organizing committee until the country is out of the shock of the earthquake; however, we were all proved wrong as the crusade poster reveals the dates and times of the prophetic invasion of Peru. The whole country is awash with posters and banners of the crusade.

From the TB Joshua achieves, no other continent has enjoyed the number of national crusades the South Americans have had to their credit, since the beginning of the SCOAN ministry in 1989.

As in the prophet previous crusades, broadcast on his global outreach channel, Emmanuel TV, you can receive blessings and deliverance during the live telecast.

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