Wiseman Harry Spotted With TB Joshua In Philippi, Greece.

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There has been much speculation as to the where about of  TB Joshua’s only European Wiseman, Harry. This was after he suddenly disappeared from the Synagogue Church of All Nations without warning. He was a regular face both on Emmanuel TV, the church’s outreach satellite channel and behind the scene, helping out around the premises. He was a familiar face to the millions of viewers across the world and SCOAN congregation members. Children regularly referred to him as Wiseman Jesus; because he played the role of Jesus in the annual nativity drama of the church. Such was his visibility at SCOAN.

Like other Wiseman, whom TB Joshua ordained in June, 2010, Harry carried both prophetic and deliverance anointing. He was the first of the wise men sent to hold a crusade in Washington State by the Prophet at the Synagogue. After returning from the Crusade, he felt he was ready to go back to Greece, his home country and start a ministry. However, TB Joshua told him to tarry a while as he was not yet ready to face the task ahead of him. This Harry did for the next four years, before being sent to resolve an embarrassing crisis that had rocked the Athens branch of SCOAN. He was instrumental to the closing of the SCOAN church in Athens, though many felt more could have been to relieve the pains of the members who were victims in the crisis.

Wiseman Harry, returned to Nigeria and continued behind the scenes for a while, before TB Joshua released him to go and start his ministry. Preferring his native city of Macedonia to Athens, he quietly started SCOAN Thessalonica. Since 2014, the ministry has been growing steadily. The biblical role of Macedonia is interesting, because it was there Paul and Silas performed miracles and were imprisoned for exposing a demon posses slave girl that was prophesying.

The rumour mills have been agog that Wiseman Harry left SCOAN in frustration, to shut the mouths of the devil and his agents, Prophet TB Joshua visited Macedonia in August, 2016. This was after an historic visit to Israel to partner with one of the world’s largest humanitarian organisation based in the Holy Land. While in Macedonia, he visited Philippi, where the remains of the prison of Paul and Silas is still in view. Prophet TB Joshua stood at the mouth of the prison and prayed for his Emmanuel TV viewers.

TB Joshua with Harry

Wiseman Harry, is spotted here with TB Joshua during the site tour of Philippi in Macedonia, Greece.

Phillips Eteng, Evangelist.

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8 Responses to Wiseman Harry Spotted With TB Joshua In Philippi, Greece.

  1. blessed says:

    wiseman Harry was at tb joshua’s birthday celebration 2016 in lagos. He was also present at the last south korea crusade pastors conference 2016, ministering the anointing water alongside the evangelists.
    wiseman Harry did not leave scoan in frustration, he left by God’s appointment, to start scoan thessalonica in greece.
    his website is http://www.scoanthessalonica.org
    his blog is http://www.scoanthessalonica.blogspot.gr
    he is also on youtube under the name Scoan Thessalonica

  2. Green eyed baby says:

    Wiseman Harry I miss him. ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. Greg says:

    How do I contact Wise man Harry and when will he visit USA. We need revival here please.

  4. Sarah says:

    miss him too. He is Daddys son and he has learnt from the best teacher that i know.

  5. joseph musampula says:

    GOD is still working.

  6. Mathuren says:

    Hi all. I would like to visit scoan thessalonica but the website above is not opening. It is closed down. Can you please help me with the correct website, email address and phone number of scoan thessalonica?

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