Know Your Enemy – Battling With Evil Forces (Part-2)


enemies of faith The easiest enemy to fight is the one you can see in a physical form. The deadliest enemy is the one that has no material body, but exist only in a spiritual form. You don’t know when that enemy is lurking around your environment. In Part-1 of this topic, I talked about Knowing Yourself, carrying out a critical audit of who you really are in God’s Kingdom. It is not uncommon to hear people say, if only those spirits or demons attacking me are physical, then we’ll battle it out! This is often the result of frustration, especially, if you have done all to get rid of them, but to no avail. Yes, it can be frustrating and has led many to fall out of faith! Brethren, there is hope no matter how frustrating the battle of life may appear…simply get to know your enemy. No matter how intimidating he may seem, there’re weaknesses you may never know, unless you investigate him.

During the exodus of the children of Israel, Moses carried out a strategic survey of those enemies in the promise land; he needed to know their strength and weaknesses before warring against them. While some of those he sent to spy out the land came back with discouraging reports, only two of them encouraged him to forge ahead – describing this enemies as grasshoppers. Telling him that God, who had brought them out of Egypt and parted the Red Sea have already given them victory over the Canaanites. The Kingdom of Satan is not different from the report that Joshua and Caleb brought back to Moses concerning the promise land. The over bloated image of Satan often painted by his human agents to those unwary of this enemy of God’s Kingdom is often scary.

The ministry of your arch-enemy the devil is described in three folds; steal, kill and destroy! Simply put, your enemy’s life revolves around these three cycles. Your ability to close each cycle and maintain its closure in your life is victory in itself: otherwise, he will rotate you through these evil cycles until finally he kills you – which are his ultimate goal! Take the biblical warning which says “Resist the devil and he will flee from you” seriously.

Your enemy the devil maintains a continuous bombardment strategy, which simply means he will attack you on the same issue until you succumb. When he realizes you are a tough cookie, he adopts the subtle approach – projecting the same sinful issue for as long as ten to twenty years. The mistake the children of God often make is that after one victory with the devil, they become relax and start enjoying the victory without safeguards. They are jerked into another battle when the damage has already been done. Jesus Christ admonished his followers to pray without ceasing as the devil their enemy is lurking around looking for whom to devour.

When the devil loses a battle, he goes and regroups and waits for you to slip just a little. During a deliverance ministration, the demon manifesting said two interesting things worth sharing with you; demons don’t die and they exist in millions. It means stop praying the die! die! as is common with some churches, instead bind and cast them to the abyss or to the hot desert. When you cast out a demon of anger or lust from a person, if the person does not maintain the deliverance through righteous living; another demon of anger or lust from their population will enter again replacing the one previously sent out. The summary is that there are multiplicities of the same demons or spirits that exist to keep replacing those cast out, when there is lack of maintenance by the human victim. Learn to fast under the guidance of the Holy Ghost and pray in tongues, the devil doesn’t like it.

Jesus Christ has already given you tips about the adversary, study the New Testament and outline some of those key points to enable you buildup your war arsenal. (Worth reading:Ps.144, Ps.91, Ps.18, Jer.50:30-40; Jer.51:20-27; John 14:12-14)

Phillips Eteng, Evangelist

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