Battling With Evil Forces –Know Yourself (Part-1)

Night over mountain

This is a three part series of the end time battle of the believer of Jesus Christ, against the forces of darkness. I never believed in my wildest dreams that a topic I treated during my college days would come in handy in my spiritual battle with evil; SWOT analysis is one of the many topics covered in marketing planning. It is an audit tool used to evaluate a company for strategic repositioning. In the battle with Satan and his evil angels, you sincerely need to conduct a SWOT analysis on yourself; what is your Strength, your Weaknesses, the Opportunities available to you and what are the Threats? This audit of yourself will tell you if you can directly confront the devil and his agents. The reason many ministers of the gospel avoid meddling with deliverance ministration is because they are in most cases not sure of their spiritual standing in the Kingdom of God. A man maybe anointed but lack the spiritual willpower to exercise the empowerment Jesus Christ gave to him: for this reason many Churches fed their members only with words that lack the power to bring about change in their lives. The devil knows it and therefore, hardly troubles those churches, because they are not a treat to his kingdom.

The same cannot be said of those Churches where the Spirit and the Word are working in the lives of the congregation in demonstration of power. The devil hates them and continues to devise strategies to bring them down and cause controversies with the sole aim of shutting those churches from existence! Jesus Christ told his disciples, upon this rock I shall build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail. A point of note, everyone that accepts Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and savior is automatically a called vessel. That makes that individual a possible candidate for a ministerial position in the house of God! The day you accepted Jesus Christ as your redeemer and savior, a battle line was drawn with Satan’s kingdom. You are daily saved by grace and God’s mercy that endures forever; your prayers are the weapons that keep the attack from the devil at bay. A break in prayer opens you up for attack that normally hurts you. The devil’s attack takes a different dimension when you are now chosen by God Almighty to carry a mantle and you’re manifesting that gift of depopulating Satan’s kingdom.

Do you really know yourself in the Kingdom of God? You will be shocked on the last day; those people you know may not make it to heaven because of hidden secrets. What is that hidden secret you need to confess to Jesus Christ to liberate your soul? To properly understand your spiritual life in Christ, make a list that examines you as a Christian;

Strength: – Prayer life, righteous living, charity, fasting life, praise and worship life, tithe and offering,etc

Weaknesses:- Lying, cheating, insincerity, anger, proud, arrogant, hatred, unforgiveness, gossiping, etc

Opportunities:- Spiritual upliftment, anointing, Lord’s battle axe, overcoming spirit, discernment, power,

Threats:- Evil arrows, foundational powers, barrenness, stagnation, poverty, frustration, affliction, etc

You should constantly build yourself on your strength to overcome your weaknesses, so that the opportunities available to you will swallow up the threats posed by Satan and his agents to your life. The seven sons of Sceva in the Bible took a risk by commanding the demons to come out of their possessed victim in a name they least believed in, the demons responded by telling them..Jesus we know, Paul we know, but who are you? Afterwards, the demons beat them up and throw them out of the deliverance room naked into the streets. Many today are afraid of confronting the devil, their arch-enemy, because of what the demons may say or do to them. You can imagine the embrassement, if such a confrontation should occur! Let us all build ourselves in the light and power of the Holy Ghost in order to withstand the attics of that roaring lion looking for whom to devour! Seek deliverance on a regular basis, whether you are a minister of God or a congregation member. Enrich your spiritual life daily with the word of God to make you battle ready. Remain strengthened in Christ Jesus.

Phillips Eteng, Evangelist.

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