Rapture! Religious Fear Or Reality?

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The desire to keep up with the changing face of our earthly existence ; food on the table, settling the bills, meeting up mortgage payments, keeping our career on track, has beclouded our minds of the transitory nature of our presence on the earth! It is only when there is crisis that we stop awhile to recount our steps and reflect on our true relationship with the Heavenly Host. The modern church has relegated the topic to the background and prefer topics that keep their congregation electrified and wanting more from the preachers – whose speech charisma has overshadowed holiness and righteousness. The modern worshipper want to hear about prosperity and not repentance; longevity not rapture! For them, let Jesus Christ tarry awhile before embarking on the second journey. At least, let them enjoy their own portion of the earth abundance before going to heaven or hell! Some could careless because of the affliction they have been subjected to on earth.

The reality on ground is that Jesus Christ, the messiah, is on his way! As a confirmation, many Christians have been having dreams of either being raptured or being left behind while their loves ones are taken. My decision to bring the rapture topic to the front burner is based on a facebook posting my friend, a pastor, posted recently on his board.


Emmanuel Okwuenu

July 11 at 5:57pm ·

“Brethren good evening and how was your day? Hope glorious. One thing we have going for us is hope. The Bible say that hope that is seen is not hope, but that we hope for that which we have not seen. Also hope maketh not ashame. I decree by the power of the Holy Ghost that your expectations shall not be cut off, they will surely speak IJN.
Yesterday I woke up from a frightening dream. In that dream I was in a large house with my wife and some relatives. At a point my wife opted to show someone around the compound and they went outside. My Elder Sister who incidentally is in the US was around but we were not in talking terms so after waiting for my wife to return and she didn’t I went in search of her but in vain. I was beginning to get agitated when it dawned on me that Rapture had taken place and my wife gone. Seriously disturbed I got to know that I was disqualified by the unsettled rift between me and my sister. Brethren I woke up thoroughly shaken. In reality my sister said something that displeased me and I stopped picking her calls. To think that not picking my sister’s call can disqualify me from Rapture is simply inconceivable. Friend Rapture is real and can take place anytime please settle all cases of unforgiveness. May the grace of God already made available not be truncated by carelessness.”

Worried by this unusual dream, which so many like him must have seen at one point or another, he asked a pertinent question in his second post. If grace as we all are thought to believe takes care of your sin yesterday, today and the one you are yet to commit tomorrow…then why was he not raptured? There are so many bible teachings out there telling you that once you are born again, the grace of God covers all your sins. This is false teaching, you must continuously ask for God’s mercy and plead forgiveness for your Father in Heaven to also forgive you. Bare no grudge and ill-feeling against any human being on earth. Learn to forgive and be a true child of your Father in the face of tempting and provocative challenges. One thing I learnt from Prophet Uerbert Angel’s teaching on his experience when he was taken by an Angel to heaven, was that to make heaven, you need 100% pass mark or not 99.9%! Every time you sin the 100% God’s grace allocate to you each morning depletes and it’s only mercy and forgiveness that takes it back. The mark can drop to 10% if you are un-repentant, should anything happen to you at that point the chances are that you would not make Heaven. So the Christian must be full of love and demonstrate it at times. May God Almighty help us in this faith walk on earth, in Jesus name. Amen. ( Psalm 103:1-22; I Corinth.13:1-13)

Like in the days of Noah, no one heeded the warning that God was going to flood the earth, because of the iniquity of the sons of men. Today, people are busy going about their businesses without love in their heart. Technological advancement has further narrowed their relationship with God, it has kept them so pre-occupied with distractive devices and instrument of sin. Ministers of the gospel are not spared in their open display of world goods. Just like the suddenness of the flood, the Messiah will come like a thief in the night -without warning to catch everyone in their indulgence. Children of the Most High, always be on guard for no one knows the day, the time or the hour of the Messiah’s second coming.

Phillips Eteng, Evangelist.

One thought on “Rapture! Religious Fear Or Reality?”

  1. Dare I ask, why all the religious titles when Jesus forbade it? It seems even like a status symbol here in Africa. Pride? What we read about in 1 Cor 12 & 14 are mere job descriptions and not titles. It creates division,distance between people,by making one lesser or more than the other. A friend is a professor in theology, he did two doctorates, one of which cum laude. He also is an author, historian and Messianic rabbi. My own brother did his B Theo summa cum laude. A cousin’s husband has a Ph D and finally accepted professorate later in life, after declining it at age 29. Friends of mine are dentists, medical doctors, engineers, reverends and pastors. All choose to go by their first names as all are reborn Christians obeying Jesus.

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