Foundational Spiritual Attacks (Part-2)


The first write up on this topic looked at dreams as one of the gateway in which the devil uses his agents to attack an individual; be it Christian or otherwise. In this concluding part of the topic, I shall take you through foundational demonic attacks. Every human being on earth came out of a family tree that was started by one man. As the tree spread, it developed its own branches, while some branches bore fruits others were not so fortunate. As those fruits ripened and some fell to the ground,while the birds of the air carried some to distant places; replicas of this tree are soon found growing all over the place. Such is the story of man! Every family on earth has a foundation ( beginning) somewhere. Most families have an idolatry foundation, either the founder of that lineage carried out inherited rituals passed on by his ancestors or decides to chart a new cause by engaging spirits that are assumed to be more powerful than that of his ancestors’! These demons worshiped in the form of gods are given a pride of place in the family to protect, prosper, heal, fight and deliver that lineage. In return, sacrifices, oblation and rituals celebrations of that clan or community will hold in their honour yearly; either as harvest festivals or fertility celebrations.

Foundational demons manifesting as evil personality have caused more havoc in families than ever before; bareness, sudden death, stagnation, depression, mental illness, personality disorders, poverty and financial ups and downs. This is just a few, the list of their atrocities is endless! Many of the medical cases that have defied scientific solutions have their roots from evil foundations. The deeper the atrocities committed by the ancestors, the greater the level of affliction on the children of that lineage. Most of these attacks are the result of the non-committal attitude of a generation of that lineage that receives the light of God Almighty through His son Jesus Christ, and thereafter stop the sacrifices and celebrations.

Many born-again Christians have erroneously held to the belief that once the confession of faith is made as stated in Romans 10:9, your are free from foundational evil attacks. It takes more than that to finally separate from them; you need deliverance ministration after being saved, then water baptism by full immersion, regular intake of  communion and a life away from sin. You continue to pray for the baptism of the Holy Spirit to enable you speak and pray in tongues. When you are given to speaking in tongues without ceasing, those demons don’t like it one bit. They say whenever a true child of God speak in tongues they are thrown into confusion, because their unaware of the angle of attack on them. For the past three years my family has been fighting foundational powers that has been a sore thumb to my life. They always look for the weak link in the family to attack, especially, that child who is stubborn and doesn’t like to participate during family prayers. Their attack is meant to cause you bad luck, poverty, stagnation and frustration in all your endeavours!

In a recent confrontation with that foundational demon during deliverance ministration on my child, the demon stated that why should the One-Above endowed me with so much power, when my ancestors were terrible human beings. My anointing was sending them down to their master each time they attack me and they don’t like it, considering my foundation! I simply replied him that Jesus Christ bought me from that foundation with his blood and the naval of my lineage is connected to him. Also, that I have stood before the elements to declare that my self and my family will go the way of the Almighty God. So he should be prepared to join his colleagues down with his master, the devil! You must be embedded with the words of the gospel to repel their words of war, if not you soon become a victim. The Host of Heaven sent reinforcement to me that day to deal with this captain of the devil’s army after an hours battle. To God Almighty be all glory and power and dominion.

The bible says my people perished for lack of knowledge; take time and research on your foundation and ask questions to know the source of your problems. It is only then you will be able to deal with the source through anointed men of God with power for breaking foundational yokes. Not all Men of God are so gifted, so search them out and their fruits, before making that move for a final solution. May the LORD be a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path to victory this year. Amen/.

Phillips Eteng, Evangelist.  

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