Dealing with Spiritual Attacks (Part-1)

TB Joshua The spate of attacks by the agents of darkness on God’s children has continued to rise unabated. Knowing that the world is slowly but surely coming face to face with the end of time, the devil and his angels are on full scale war against the children of light. While some evil attacks are more severe than others, nonetheless, people of God suffer one form of attack or another. I am compelled to share this experience with followers of my blog, because we all need to be alert to the scheming of the evil kingdom. The bible declare to us that we fight not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness in heavenly places, spirit beings, principalities and powers and the ruler of this present darkness. The commonest method of attack used by these evil powers is your dream life.

They subject you to eat what looks like mouth-watering food in your dreams; while in reality is a concoction of filth designed to cause you sickness, afflictions and ill-health! Ninety percent of sicknesses today are caused by demonic afflictions through dreams. Ask any afflicted person, a prognosis would show that either they have eaten in the dream, or experienced a nightmare of attack on their person or had an encounter of some sought. In September of 2010, I was a healthy person with no record of high blood pressure, at least, that is what my medical records shows. I remember that year, my prayer and fasting life was below thirty percent. We had just finished a wholesome renovation in our house because of wood rot, the whole family hands were on deck to ensure early completion before the dry season. My role was supervisory as the contractors worked for a hard day’s pay! The renovation was completed within budget that September.

As I slept that late September, in a dream, I found myself rushing to my car with my first son to beat a curfew imposed in the city. As I opened the driver’s door to enter the car, five armed mobile police men approached me to find out why I broke the curfew, before I could say jack, there were rains of bullets at me by two of them. Suddenly, I found myself falling to the ground as a bullet went through my throat; crying out, I asked God is this how am going to die? I woke up with a panic and shared the nightmare with my wife, we prayed and cancelled it!

What could have warranted such a nightmare? On this side of the realm, there was no curfew in our city. Throughout the month of October, 2010, my physical body started experiencing strange sensation; distorting my driving pleasure, which has never happened before. On a routine check with my doctor, he shouted and asked me what I have been doing that my blood pressure rosed to 160/90! I couldn’t give him an answer, because there was none. He ordered a home rest for me and placed me on medication, knowing my allergy to strong drugs. The shock of that experience did not bring down the pressure, at one point it hit 200/60 – danger level. It was prayers that calmed me and sustained me. The issue of the gun shot in the dream was revealed that the devil wanted me dead and so that I would not disturb his kingdom again. Armed with these revelations, my wife and I took a flight to Lagos to visit the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) seeking God’s intervention on my health issue. It was barely four months when Prophet TB Joshua introduced his five Wise men to the Church. In the course of the church service, Wiseman Daniel touched me twice and I blanked out, all I saw was darkness and when I came around my eyes were as clear as that of a child. My heart calmed and I felt refreshed again.

For the next three weeks, I will be dealing with “Know Yourself, Know Your Enemy and The Weapons of Your Warfare” as an empowerment tool to deal with the powers of wickedness in our generation. I will share with you weapons that are so simple, but mighty against the devil, to help you win the words of war! Share this Holy Spirit inspired write-up with millions of others. Remain in faith and be blessed as you trust your life to Jesus Christ.

Phillips Eteng. Evangelist.

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6 Responses to Dealing with Spiritual Attacks (Part-1)

  1. You may want to look up Doug Addison of InLight Connection. I do dream interpretation as well and considered the shots at your throat a threat to silence you. When ailments come on after sleep I declare the opposite, sometimes having to speak of hope into the atmosphere. Be blessed and know Daddy God is fighting alongside of you.

  2. pem says:

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