Between lies & Truth; TB Joshua Vs Premium Times!

TB Joshua 2 When the news broke of a leak in the accounts of world personalities who own and operates offshore companies in countries tagged tax havens. My curiosity grew the more to identify those individuals; not that I can stop them from running their companies wherever they feel safe, but to add a face to faceless corporations. Rightly or wrongly, offshore companies are used for genuine global transactions and also for funding terrorism and illegal wealth stolen from government treasuries around the world. When the name of world renown Prophet, TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Nigeria, was prominently highlighted by Premium Times – an online newspaper, my interest took a different turn. What almost made me wave aside the newspaper report was the name of the reporter, Nicholas Ibekwe, the same fellow who shortly after the SCOAN building collapse accused the revered Prophet of doling out cash to suppress news reports. When all who have interacted with TB Joshua know him for generosity with no strings attached.

TB Joshua naturally denied the accusation through his media outlet and warned his detractors to desist from maligning his name just to increase their readership audience, pointing figures at both Nicholas and Premium Times newspapers. He stated that he was neither a business man or government contractor, so an off-shore account is the writer’s imagination. He concluded by saying that the only business he does on earth is that of His heavenly Father, which is preaching the gospel with power!

In their own attempt to substantiate their newspaper story, Premium Times, through their reporter published some documents which they said belong to the Joshua’s offshore company Chillon Consultancy Limited. The company was said have been incorporated in June 20, 2006 in the British Virgin Islands. Apart from the certificate of incorporation, other documents were just plain without substance i.e no payments, no transaction whatsoever. To an investigator, there was really no implicating evidence to show illegality or wrong doing to warrant giving it the publicity Premium Times did, when there were other more corruption based news to carry. The company was either dead on arrival or never actually existed! It was either floated by associates of the Prophet without his knowledge based on his first reaction or someone cooked up the file to further disgrace him by painting him black.

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) acknowledges the involvement of Premium Times, in the decoding of some of the facts behind the names and companies in the over 300,000 files wiki leaked from the Panama based legal firm of Mossack Fonscea. At the time of their breaking news in April, 2016, Premium Times Nigeria, were the only media house with access to the ICIJ files through their reporter, Nicholas Ibekwe.

The ICIJ recently sent me the link to search out those companies and individuals around the world; I opted to verify the Premium Times story. Here is my investigation on TB Joshua’s alleged ownership of Chillon Consultancy Limited, a company registered in the British Virgin Islands (BVI).

ICIJ websiteThe search result on the ICIJ website under the Panama Papers reveals that there are only 12 offshore companies owned by Nigerians that are registered in the British Virgin Islands between 1994 – 2009. The name of Chillon Consultancy Limited is not among the twelve listed. This is in contrast to the reported 100 times search claimed by Premium Times in their report, which kept turning up the name of TB Joshua. The question is was the search platform used by Nicholas Ibekwe different from the official one released by the ICIJ? Premium Times need to clarify this discrepancy and point the public to the right ICIJ search page for the Offshore leaks and the Panama Papers.

Certificate of Chillion ConsultancyThe above is the Certificate of Incumbency, Premium Time’s Nicholas Ibekwe used to justified TB Joshua’s ownership of a company that did not show up on search results for British Virgin Islands (BVI). As the British say, there is something fishy going on! The name stated in the certificate is Chillon Consultancy Ltd and the address is Mossack Fonseca office in BVI. The ICIJ report did not say there will be a part-2 release of the over 300,000 files on its data base. So where did Chillon Consultancy Ltd disappear to from the data release for British Virgin Islands? See the search result below…”No results found”.

Chillon Consultancy search on ICIJ  Unlike hurry hurry African journalist, the team at ICIJ are professional to the core. The webpage dedicated to searching for people, companies and data is well crafted to ease your navigation through site. To conclude my tour of the Panama Papers site, I also placed a name search for TB Joshua and his wife Evelyn, here are the results;

TB Joshua and wife search

Both searches returned the same “No results found”. I obviously found the names of some Nigerian elites and others. Premium Times and Nicholas Ibekwe need to do more than just showing the world uncertified documents online, because they want the pound of flesh of a servant of God. Really, unless there is a missing link on my investigation of the TB Joshua Panama saga at ICIJ, the newspaper and their reporter owe the highly revered Prophet an apology. You can visit ICIJ at

Phillips Eteng, Evangelist.

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5 Responses to Between lies & Truth; TB Joshua Vs Premium Times!

  1. Sorry Phillip, you’ve not been looking hard enough. Details of TB Joshua’s shell company “Chillon Consultancy” is there on the ICIJ database, just as Premium Times reported.

    • pem says:

      TBJOSHUAWATCH, we definitely know that you will be interested in this issue, because any negative reports of the Man of God is food for you. I have uncensored your comment and allowed it as seen. Rather that ridicule the anointing of TB Joshua as a prophet, let the Holy Ghost help you to understand the forth man behind him.

  2. Good morning
    I want thank God for having people like you Evangelist Eteng who examines all issues with the eyes of the Lord.It is obvious that Ibekwe is one of the people in Nigeria whom Satan is using to disgrace Prophet TB Joshua. Forunately Prophet TB Joshua is a True Man Of God and He kows how to deal with agents of satan. As it is written in Luke 17, when Jesus was warning His disciples that “it is impossible that no offences should come, but woe to him through whom they will come.” Prophet TB Joshua does not focus on offences but on Almighty God who sent Him. If all christian can follow what Jesus said to His diciples people like Ibekwe of premium times was going to be ashamed to publish lies. I think is time for Chritians wake up and live and make the word of God the database of their personal oppinion in Jesus name.

  3. pem says:

    As a writer who believe in balance views between contending parties to an issue, I have allowed the comment from one of the well known online critic of the TB Joshua legacy; the blogger TBJOSHUAWATCH. Their comment is in response to this write-up which has caught the attention of many people around the world.

    The blogger’s aimed to vilify the actions of Premium Times through their reporter Nicholas Ibekwe on the Panama Papers TB Joshua’s issue, by providing a link to the ICIJ website. The link does confirm the existence of “Chillon Consultancy Ltd” not under British Virgin Islands jurisprudence, as widely publicized by Premium Times.
    The facts remains that TB Joshua denies knowledge of the existence of an offshore company with some of his details dating back to 2006-2007. Documents posted by Premium Times cannot stand in a court of competent jurisdiction, because they lacked substance such as signature or photocopy of international passports, and other incriminating evidence.
    TBJOSHUAWATCH is a blog that has over the years tried to tarnish the image and personality of the person of Prophet TB Joshua and his ministry; by picking out the minutest details of his prophecies, deliverances, healings, charity, ex-SCOAN members and disciples grudges to paint the Man of God black! Surprisingly, the more these attacks against TB Joshua increases, the more God lifts him to a higher glory. One lesson we should all learn is that King David sinned against God by committing adultery and murder, yet God had mercy on him and spared his life -because he was anointed to carry a mantle and God declared him a man after his heart! But if you who is not so anointed should war against a chosen vessel of God over little issues then be ready to be a King Saul! May the spirit of Jesus Christ enter and bring all warring hearts and minds in fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

  4. People of God, please do not bother your head with all those that are using and manipulating the increased knowledge “Presently in term of Technology Advancement” which was the fulfillment of Prophet Daniel prophecy as one of the end-time signs. Daniel 12:4 to vilify and disparage the name of the Man of God in SCOAN, Prophet T.B.Joshua: You must realize that God allowed them to be antagonistic to His servant, and continue their campaign of calumny unabated because through the persecution, the Spiritual Anointing of His servant continue to increase in Geometrical Ratio, instead of Arithmetical Ration. Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour was persecuted, lied against, accused of using the leader of the demons and demonic kingdom, Beelzebub, and crucified, because God the Father allowed all the atrocities; which were in accordance with His Will. The more the tribulations, persecution, and trials: the more the increase immensely, in the anointing for Prophet T.B.Joshua. What we should all be doing is to continue to support him, with our prayers, for him not to lose focus; and he will never lose focus IJMN. Amen.

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