Broken Marriages of Pastors Called Chris

3 Pastors called Chris

Why do we all react with sadness whenever the marriages of a Man of God hit the rocks? The answer is not far fetched, they are supposed to live an exemplary life for the folks they minister to imitate! However, what is happening in Christendom today leaves much to be desired, especially, as regards marriages of clergymen. In Nigeria, for instance, most of the popularly known Men of God all called Chris (short form of Christian or Christopher) have marriage problems; Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy fame,  Chris Okafor of Liberation TV ministries and Chris Okotie of Household of God Church. The coincidence of the Chris factor is unusually abnormal! One common thread runs across these three pastors named Chris; they are what I would called the ladies men, good looking and with the charisma to hold their audience spell bound preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and are financially prosperous in their calling! This are the targets Satan prefer to destroy, because there are a menace in his kingdom.

The name Chris, whatever short form its represent is good and is an advertising sign board of Christ upon the earth. The lifestyles of those wearing the garment of Chris is what is under question. Jesus Christ, our mentor lead an exemplary lifestyle that even the women around him could not distract him from the purpose which he was born to fulfilled. At one point, those around him showed their displeasure, when Mary with the alabaster oil was messaging him with the oil and using her long hair to wipe off the excess oil on his legs. Aside from the greedy comment of Judas his treasurer, who would have wanted to sell the alabaster oil for much money! Jesus replied those around him with a statement of fact “ what this woman has done to me is anointing me for what is to come, by the time the gospel is preached around the world, she will be a point of reference in my history for a good deed.”

Jesus also admonished his followers, especially, his disciples not to look at a woman lustfully for that alone is a sin. On the issues of marriage, he warned his followers that divorcing your wife for any reason except for unchastity was a sin. Remarrying when your husband or wife is still alive is adultery and you cannot enter the Kingdom of God. He repeated himself by saying that, though Moses told them they can issue papers of divorcement to separate from the marriage, that was not the original plan for God. He came to the world to uphold the original purpose of God for mankind, the sanctity of the family. What do we see in Christianity today? Divorcement and remarrying by those on the altar of God, a contradiction to the gospel entrusted unto us by our saviour, Jesus Christ. We make rubbish of the pure words of the Master whom we serve and satisfy our human yearnings! Judgment will start from the altar, then what would be left of the congregation, if none is righteous on the altar of the Most High?

The three Chris, who are pastors in Nigeria with worldwide reputation, should put their houses in order for the Messiah is Coming, and no one knows the time or the date. Women have been fingered in the break-up of the marriages of these Men of God, here is what the devil and his agents does; “ They search out iniquities; they accomplish a diligent search: both the inward thought of every one of them, and the heart, is deep.” Psalm 64:6. The devil can only strike at your weakness and that is what he has been using to destroy the houses of Men of God. Brethren in the vineyard of God, put on the garment of humility and soberness and reconcile with your wives whom God gave you from heaven. Remember this warning, your calling and gift was not purchased by money, but he who purchased you with his blood would ensure that he gets the full value of what he paid for before either discarding you because of sin or saving you by his grace. Don’t ever be puffed up by your anointing or calling, your family is the first church. Husbands, love your wives and wives obey your husbands for that is right in the eyes of God. Your wife know you more that the congregation and if she accuses you, there is always an element of truth. Seek peace and forgiveness for the Lord to mend your broken marriage. He will surely do it.

Brethren, as you read this write-up, pray for the servants of God in the land and ask for His Mercy and grace upon these vessels. Intercede for them and their marriages as you pray for your own marriage to be healed from the pollution of the devil. The family of God must stand in a world where the family is being destroyed by evil policies and laws that are an abomination to our God.

Phillips Eteng, Evangelist.

3 thoughts on “Broken Marriages of Pastors Called Chris”

  1. Base on what the author wrote, this calls for 3 Chris, they make peace with their wives and they reinstated their homes? God help them and make the right decision about their marriage.

  2. May the Lord help 3 Chris so they take the right solution for their marriage God told them to continue with the same women that God restores their wedding to the glory of God, if not, that God gives them the bone of their bone so that is a fulfilling married life. It is not good that man should be alone, it is even worse that a minister of God alone, because the devil is there to tempt every moment.

  3. Using These Men as point of contact in reaching other elects. I pray that the elect who have lost it would reminded of their first love in Christ Jesus, AMEN.

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