Norway Govt Traumatizing Families

protestors of Norway Child Right Law
Protestors Against the Law

Laws are meant to correct, build, harmonize and create orderliness and peaceful co-existence. But the way and manner the government of Norway is implementing its child rights law is destroying families and leaving the children the law is meant to protect more traumatize at the end of it all. The worst scar you could leave on a child is a psychological wound that never heals! God himself laid out laws that are meant to protect all and sundry, but man, corrupted by the devil outstretched these laws to a breaking point. In a recent BBC-TV documentary titled “Parents Against Government”, a Norwegian family whose five children including a breast feeding baby were taken away by the State, told their own part of the pathetic story of social workers without hearts. It is sorrowful and heart-breaking, especially, in these modern times.

The couple live out on a farm with their five children; two boys and three girls. The least of the kids is a breast-feeding baby of less than one year. Both husband and wife are Pentecostal Christians. On that fateful day, the husband had gone about his business, while his wife was waiting for the older kids to return from school. Unfortunately, they never did until much later in the afternoon, when a vehicle pulled up their drive way and a lady came out to meet her. She panicked and asked the woman if all was well with her children, to which she replied in the affirmative. Then where are her children, she enquired further? The woman told her they were in her car and she was taking them to the police station and that she should report to the station with her husband. That was how her travail began. Nobody was ready to tell the couple the reason for the children being snatched from them.

The next visit by the authorities led to other children, including the baby being taken away from the couple. For a family that has been living peacefully for years, this sudden disruption was emotionally shattering and left an emptiness in this young couple’s life. According to the couple, the children cried every night to sleep asking for their mummy and daddy. The boys were placed in a different foster home from the girls and the baby. Twice each week while the case is pending, the couple have to take frozen mother’s breast milk to the suckling child. While they are cautioned by the social workers not to show any emotional breakdown in front of the older children, so that it will not affect them, (how low can a society go?). Each time they visit, the children keep asking when will they go home to be together as a family? The couple’s response is always soon..very soon!

It was in the cause of investigating their plight, that it was revealed that one of the boy’s in response to their teacher’s asking them; how has ever been spanked, the boy said he had been by his parent. This was the genesis of the trouble that saw the couple’s five kids being whisked away to foster homes. According to child right workers, a family under the Norwegian law are not suppose to spank their little ones for correctional purposes. The Holy Bible clearly states that spare the rod and spoil the child, the moral decadence in the world today, especially, in the Western hemisphere is as a result of this type of God’s value being thrown over-board as with many others. Let’s get back to the basics and our lives shall be better off than what is coming ahead. Christians have to arise with one voice in cry to the Host of Heaven, Our God, that the family as we know it is being destroyed by strange laws including the introduction of same sex marriage families!

The damage the Norwegian State is inflicting on its future generation will boomerang one day in the future, because of the hundreds of families that have been torn apart from a heartless implementation of the Child-rights law. It was stated that the law affects more mixed marriage couples than the indigenes ones. Europe need a Jesus Christ Revival now more than ever. Our prayers go to those families whose lives have been traumatized in Norway because of the child rights law and over-zealous social workers implementing it without a human face.

Phillips Eteng, Evangelist.

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