Donald Trump-A billionaire On rampage!

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

The popular democratic phrase, power corrupt and absolute power corrupt absolutely, should be re-phrased in the on going North America primaries, where the Republican front runner Donald Trump is brash with his words to the electorates. What is emerging from the Trump camp can best be described as ” money corrupts and absolute money corrupt absolutely!” The Americans have a popular saying that money talk and bushtit walks; The Republican primary front runner, Trump, has from the very beginning of his campaign for the GOP presidential nomination displayed a character common to those who are money drunk. He has shown himself not to be a good mentor to up coming youths, who will one day desire to occupy the White House. He has successfully displayed what the Holy Bible describes as Satanic attributes; arrogance, abusive words, swearing, like of respect for others, spite and lacking human sympathy.

To the unassuming world, Donald Trump desires the Presidential seat of the White House, to crown the earthly glory of his billion dollar empire. His utterances’ and actions without any sign of remorse is an indication of a dangerous man on a dangerous mission. The world will be shaken to its foundation in a Donald Trump presidency of the United States, because believe it or not, he sees everybody as a subject in his  empire. So what can other nations do, with all the arsenal at his disposal. Afterall, the buck stops at the table of the President of the United States of America, the chief police officer of the world. By galvanizing the money power he already has with the power of the President, a new world king is born to upset the peace of the earth. Trump is fulfilling a biblical end time prophecy that says a brutal king shall emerge from a powerful Kingdom to usher in the anti-Christ. Never in the history of the United States has a Presidential primaries between the Democrats and Republicans seen such rancor among the contenders; rioting and bloody clashes between supporters and opposition to the candidate. Where is the democratic value in such display?

Should Donald Trump win the Republican Party nomination as its presidential candidate for the November 2016 elections, then all Christians should brace up for a likely win against Hilary Clinton, the Democratic Party candidate. A Trump win will not be because he is better or more popular than Clinton, but in fulfilling an end time prophecy for the Messiah is coming.

Unlikely things will begin to happen all around the world and many would be thrown off guide, because they never expected it to be so. Expectations and projections will fall apart and the supernatural will begin to manifest on the earth surface. Those who will do the bidding of their master, the devil, will be thrust into positions of power; the earth will de-generate to cause the confusion necessary to usurp the powers of the nations and bring forth a false messiah! While the true Messiah, Jesus Christ has left the first Heaven and He is on his way to the last heaven which is ours. Before getting to the earth heaven, the Messiah will shake other heavens until Holiness and Righteousness rules. The earth, which is his Kingdom will be the last in this cleansing and reclaiming of what rightly belongs to God Almighty.

Phillips Eteng, Evangelist.


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