Is Prosperity Preaching Destroying the Church?

Private-Jets, The crave of Men of God  of this Century

I am all for the spiritual and physical well-being of the Christian, because they both  compliment each other. Your spiritual well-being is not complete without money in the pocket and food on the table. Likewise, your physical well being which includes your material and financial state cannot be harnessed without the spiritual fortification! Jesus himself said a man without food in his belly, can hardly hear the gospel, unless you sought out the first before the word can enter into him. He equally said money is good, but the love of money is the root of all evil. Brethren, it is your right to prosper as your soul prospers. But what is bogging my heart and mind now is the extent to which men of God, who are suppose to be the light of the world, are openly and shamelessly flaunting their wealth to the chagrin of the Church.

My write up is not to judge nor condemn any servant of the most high, because I am not so appointed. But I carry the evangelical anointing to say things as I see them, whether or not is pleasant to the reader or hearer! We must always look at the fruits of our Christian leaders by the picture they paint of our Faith. You must dislike what God dislikes and hate what God hates. Man is stubborn and proud, but Jesus is peaceable and humble. Recently, I watched a young man of God disembarked from his private jet into a waiting crowd, what glowed outside was not the spirit of God in him, but the pride of man. He carries the anointing no doubt, but his often boosting of his earthly wealth to a largely African audience further shows the poverty the land of Ham is bonded in. This same man of God was exposed during a programme  he co-hosted in his Church as not touching the lives of widows in his sheep fold. The visiting Minister had a word of prophecy about a widow he should bless in the Church, to my shock, when the daughter of the absent widow came out, she said her mother has been suffering as a widow without help. The question that shot at my heart was, with all these millions of dollars the Man of God owned, there is a widow in his church still suffering in silence anxiously awaiting for the day God will locate her (which was on the coming of that guest Minister of God that gave her the prophecy)! All these happened live on television, so there was no way of muffling the confession of the widow’s daughter or the guest Minister as they spoke out loud.

The rich young minister, did not catch the drift on what God was trying to tell him from the open prophecy of his guest. However, we on TV land with the gift of the spirit quickly deciphered the outplaying scene and wished that the young minister would amend his ways concerning the widows, orphans, strangers and fatherless in his sheepfold. These are the days of the Prophets, and millions of worshipers keep trooping to prophetic churches in search of one solution or another without the richness of the word. The release of the spirit without the word is like soup without salt. A balance church is one in which the operations of the five fold ministry is active; the apostle, the prophet, the evangelist, the pastor and the teacher are all working towards building the total man for the Kingdom of God. One lifts up the other whenever the other is down, that’s how God has designed it. What you find today is competition to out do one another in everything worldly.

Many of those who throng churches today are not there because they want to hear the gospel, but to see the demonstration of the prophetic and deliverance signs and wonders. Only a few are there for the salvation of their souls and read and study the words in the bible religiously. Remember these, the churches have already been judged and there is no other judgment either now or forever again. Read and study the book of Rev.1,2 and 3, with the Holy Spirit teaching you and not twisted to sought the teacher’s whims and caprices! Remember, teachers’ of the word would be judged harshly because of their gift to twist words and make it into a doctrine. Beware! Pray for Holy Ghost revival in our Churches, in our homes and in our nations. The Messiah is coming on the way!!

Phillips Eteng, Evangelist

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