Untold Story of Wise Man John Chi Revealed

June, 2010 would not be forgotten so soon by the millions of followers of TB Joshua’s worldwide ministry, the SCOAN. It was in that month, the prophet of God introduced five of his disciples called Wise Men to the world. Unlike the three wise men highlighted in the New Testament that brought precious gifts to baby Jesus, TB Joshua’s Wise Men were endowed with awesome fire that set the Synagogue Church of All Nations on spiritual fire. Out of the five Wise Men, one stood-out named John Chi; a charismatic and energetic fellow. The shock that befell the millions of SCOAN worshippers across the world, when around May, 2013, one of the Wise Men Racine, announced the falling out of grace of John Chi to a surprised world audience. Many cried in disbelief and prayed for God to restore his grace upon the falling wise men and tamper justice with mercy. TB Joshua in subsequent announcement told the worshippers to continue to pray for Wise Man, John Chi, because he missed him as much as everyone else. He explained that it was beyond him to restore his fallen Wise Man, it was only God who own the anointing that can do it.

They were now only four Wise Men handling the over twenty-thousand worshipers at the SCOAN. What many did not know was that our ever merciful God truly heard the intercession of millions of worshippers across the world for Wise Man John Chi. According to him, while he was praying and asking for the mercy of God over his weakness, Jesus Christ appeared to him kneeling before a cross in a dream. He told him to look up to the cross and what he saw was Rev.11:19 written at the top. He woke up from the dream and told his Father in the Lord, TB Joshua. Who told him to go  to the mountain and have a retreat with God.


Apostle John Chi at his Churc

While the world forgot about Wise Man John Chi, Almighty God was busy preparing him for greater glory. Several times I have Google search to find out what was happening to John Chi and the result wasn’t useful. You can imagine the shock and surprise that greeted me and my family, when upon tuning our satellite decoder, a Channel called Ark of God TV appeared among many other new channels. Who did we see as the man of God in Ark of God TV? Wise Man John Chi now known as Apostle John Chi. His ministry, Ark of God Covenant Ministry (AGCOM) is situated in the South West region of Cameroon, his home country. In a little under two years, the ministry has grown geometrically and Apostle John Chi has held crusades in Ivory Coast, Malawi, Pakistan and in May will be traversing  the USA preaching the word of God.

In our Christian walk, we should not think too much of ourselves either because of the grace of God upon our lives or our educational attainment. Don’t be quick to judge or criticize others when they fall or about falling. Pray for them and ask God to raise them up again to his glory. God always take the least qualified and qualify him for his purpose. Humble yourself and do not rebel when they announce your fall publicly. Apostle John Chi left the SCOAN with the blessings and sent-forth of TB Joshua, the prophet at the SCOAN. He did not rebel because of the anointing that has been bestowed on him, but followed the path of restoration and the result is there for all to see. You can find Apostle John Chi at Ark of God Covenant Ministries (Ark of God TV on Intel Sat 7, 10/ ku on frequency 12.563 V on the vertical polarity). His on www.facebook.com/Johnchi-Meh and youtube.com and his website is www.agcom.cc


Apostle John Chi Unfolding Story cover

Reserve this  40 page ebook PDF booklet on the life of Apostle John Chi with pictures. Get a copy of  WISEMAN JOHN CHI UNFOLDING STORY today, by donating to our evangelical outreach. The booklet reveals so much as;

  • What it is  like working as a disciple of  Prophet TB Joshua?
  • What happened to him as a Wise Man of SCOAN?
  • Why did he not make his Ministry  a branch of Synagogue?
  • Is Apostle John Chi married

Use this link to donate and get a download sent to your email.

Phillips Eteng, Evangelist.


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29 Responses to Untold Story of Wise Man John Chi Revealed

  1. Gerhard hufkie says:

    Like to receive more

  2. BESSAWA says:

    I give God the glory for Apostle John CHI,he is a great blessing for the nation of cameroon in particular and for the world in general.

    In fact, it is a new day for the move of God in cameroon, i believe many preachers and ministers of GOD will be encouraged and believe God for greater things.

    Evangelist BESSAWA Eugene,

  3. grace says:

    I thank the almighty God for apostle John chi

  4. Godfrey says:

    Evening Man of GOD. My name is Godfrey Munyai from South Africa. Can you pls send me Frequency Channel bcz I want to view Agcom channel

  5. pem says:

    Ark of God TV on Ku-Band Intel Sat 7, 10/ ku on Frequency 12.563 V on the vertical polarity. or visit http://www.agcom.cc for precise C-band frequency.

  6. Lucy Ray says:

    God bless you! And continue to do his job! We love you.

  7. Joel Rinda says:

    God indeed is awesome in his infinite mercy, thank you Lord Jesus Christ for Apostle John Chi’s life

  8. Macellinus A. Agendia says:

    Thank you Philips for this wonderful piece. The Apostle of God said it all in ‘My Story’. It’s time the whole world gets up from slumber and believe in God and His servants. The Bible says, ‘ a prophet is not known in his home, but I believe we (Cameroonians are gradually recognising the hand of God in Apostle John Chi. May God increase His grace on him.

  9. Promise says:

    Our God work in a different way that no man knows. Glory to his name.

  10. ANGEL KUDODAH says:

    God always know where we belong as Apostle Paul said. Glory be to his name



  12. Nchitu says:

    I give God the glory for His merci upon Apostle John Chi

  13. tim says:

    Glory to Jesus we love u Apostle John Chi more grace sir

  14. Inonge says:

    I thank God for the Appostle I was just wondering where he had gone

  15. Judy says:

    Hez a God of Restoration . I thank the Almighty God for you. You are such a blessing and encouragement to many.

  16. elpidius says:

    thank you Jesus

  17. Benedictine Leo says:

    Oh Lord I thank you from the depth of my being to find Wiseman John Chi today on Facebook, and more stonishing to discovered from his site as Apostle Johnchi Meh , founder of ark of God’s covenant Ministry. To God Almighty be All the Glory, Amen.

  18. Benjamin Munsanje Frm Zambia says:

    The Storm Of God Through John Chimeh Is So Powerful. God Alway Work Miracles, Wonders and Signs Through His Chosen Servants. Glory Be to God.

  19. Vernon John L Mosweu says:

    Thank you Man of God Philips for your giving us your write-up on Apostle John Chi. He was very close to my heart as one of Scoan’s five Wise men n was very grieved in my spirit about his sudden departure from Scoan. I am so overjoyed to learn how the God of the possible hath re-established him .Glory Glory Glory.

  20. Cyprian Jena says:

    I receive the annointing to grow and to be effective in the things of God the Almighty. Connect me Great Jehovah.

  21. Elsie Munango says:

    I thank God Almighty for apostle John Chi.

  22. Sibusiso Victor Dlamini says:

    Man of God I greet you in Jesus name. I need your prayers in Jesus name.

  23. Emmanuel Mbulle says:

    I am encouraged by the humility of the man of God, Apostle John Chi.

  24. Evangelist Mudinda says:

    In South Africa we Love Appostle John chi , your blessing to us man of God, may God almighty continue to do great things and wonders in your ministry

  25. Brenda Santos Ruiz says:

    I have read the untold history of the Wiseman John chi
    I wish all the best for him ,when God bless you there’s no other blessing to top it off. One day I hope to meet him that my wish.

  26. njukwing says:

    Some one from facebook bearing your name ask me to send money to orphanage in Nigeria, just wish to ask,if actually you are the one

  27. Evodius josephat Rwegarulila says:

    I love the work Christ in you ,ask you tone my mentor ,iam in Tanzania my heart desire is to know him more and serve him in his presence

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