God looks Inside & Outside

Yvonne Phillips Eteng

The time has come for this often misconstrued doctrine to be put in its proper perspective. Many Ministers of God are often heard saying to their congregation that God does not look at your outward appearance, but what is inside of you! The resulting effect of this statement is what you see in the churches today, worldly attributes right on the altar of the Most High. God at the beginning of your life before conversion does not bother with your appearance, because you are immersed in sin and worldly lifestyle. In his eyes you are full of filth and covered in cow dung, iniquity is your passport. Satan, your master does not allow you to see the filth, because you would run to where you would be washed with fuller soap and purged with hyssop! (Psalm 51:7-19). That is the lives of billions of people living on this earth today.

When a sinner realizes the filth he is covered with and take a step to wash it away through Jesus Christ, naturally, he comes out clean (Isaiah 55: 7). Accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour, simply means giving to a personal re-orientation of your character, lifestyle and outlook! When you are washed inside, your faith in him who washed you is suppose to grow ( trust). Your outward appearance must show that truly you have gone through the spiritual body washing of the Holy Ghost. The Apostle Paul in one of his admonition, encouraged believers to dress as those practicing religion ( having the culture of the kingdom). A prostitute who surrenders to Jesus and passes through deliverance does not go around in provocative or enticing attire again. The dog does not go back to its vomit! The man who inscribes tattoo all over his body before accepting Christ, has no way of removing it for life, but the one who plaits their hair or hang earrings in their ear can easily do away with it. If the man with tattoo had known before hand that God says people with tattoo (an outward) mark cannot enter the Kingdom, he would have thought twice before allowing his body to be marked(Lev.19:28). 

If God does not look at your outward appearance, he would not be bothered with markings on your physical body. Jesus Christ would not have said unto Peter, upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail. The grace of God through Jesus Christ has not abolished the laws and the commandments. Your outward appearance must sync with your inward appearance (faith); you are an advertising signboard of Jesus Christ (Zachariah 3:2.). Ensure that the word of God in you is connected to the Spirit of God in you, especially, now that the devil is on a rampage. Resist the devil and he will surly flee from you. Grow in Jesus presence every day of your life. Need washing from your sinful nature, seek a bible believing Holy Ghost filled Church around you to make contact with Jesus. Or just repeat this words; Lord Jesus, I am a sinner. Wash me of this life of sin and accept me as your own. I surrender my life to you and I accept you as my personal Lord and saviour. I believe you are the Son of God and you came to save me on the cross and after three days your resurrected and are sitting a the right hand of God. Remove my name from the book of death and write it in the book if life for eternity with you.

Phillips Eteng, Evangelist

2 thoughts on “God looks Inside & Outside”

  1. Mr Philip Eteng, Sir. The Lord will bless you for your undiluted and solid offences and defences based on the word of God. The Hand Of The Lord Is surely upon your life. Brother In Christ, Edo State, Nigeria. More Grace Sir In Jesus Name.

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