Is Miracle Money From God or the Devil?


My concern for the souls of the millions of Christians giving to miracle money, has prompted me to delve into this topic. I have observed over the years, that certain young ministers from the Southern part of Africa, have popularized miracle money as a bait to attract thousands of people to their programmes or crusades. As an evangelist, the concept of misusing God’s grace to touch the weakness of man to bring him to the Kingdom is misplaced.  We all know that human kind, especially, in Africa are facing the challenges of the end time pang; less money in families, unemployment, poverty, sicknesses and diseases. Man’s problems are eighty-five percent solved when there is sufficient money in his bank account to meet his family’s needs.  Man in his desire to acquire money will always answer calls to where it is likely to be available free of charge.

Miracle Money from what I have seen on Prophet Uebert  Angel’s crusades and Prophet Bushiri programmes, both upcoming servants of God in Zimbabwe and South Africa, can be defined as unearned monies supernaturally credited to your bank accounts by angels. God does not reward idleness or laziness, but will always meet us at the point of needs by sending angels in the form of human beings to give us gifts to help our situations. God is not an author of confusion, but of order and decency. The supernatural nature of God is that he can speak to things to favour you in order to empower you for rising and attaining the next level of life. In a recent joint programme organized for Prophet Angel and Prophet Bushiri in Pretoria, South Africa, and promoted on both Prophetic Channel and Miracle TV, those whose bank accounts were credited and received alerts on their phones, mentioned amounts termed survival monies by progressive standards. None of this undeserving money (by grace) ever exceeded one thousand plus dollars in foreign exchange. When God blesses a man, he gives pressed down, shaking together, rolled over that there is not enough room to contain it. Question, why is the amount people testify about during this programmes not in six or seven zeros, but in thousands? The excerption is those who are owed money and the people pay up into their accounts after the Prophet’s declaration.

Jesus Christ during his time needed money to pay the tax for himself and disciples, being the creator, he told Peter to go and catch a fish and opened the mouth, a coin will be in the fish belly. He should take the coin and go pay their taxes. Peter had to labour to catch the fish before he could open the fish belly. Those who scream their hearts out when people testify of this miracle money should be wary and seek the face of God on these issues; all things are good, but not all things are necessary. Always tell God to give you the real miracle money that will change your life and that of your family for good. Not the eat today and beg again tomorrow miracle. Jeremiah 29:11-13 and 2 Cornith 8:9, Proverb 3: 5-8 are the scriptures you need to soak your life in to rise above your enemies. The real miracle money is attached to sowing in the lives of the widows, orphans, strangers and ministers of God. No seed is too small, and the harvest thereafter is in abundance. The devil gives in small measures, but God gives in quantum for the earth is the Lord and all that is within it belongs to him.

Phillips Eteng – Evangelist.

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23 Responses to Is Miracle Money From God or the Devil?

  1. Paul says:

    Its true what you’re saying thanks for letting people know the truth those are magician not man of God and God is the one who do miracles and devil do the magic’s

  2. Mahirwe Maxime says:

    Dear Evangelist Phillips,

    Thanks for the above article and It’s well written with wisdom from God..
    I believe in Miracles and I’m christian.
    My concern is that I want to know if really the Miracle money exist or can be done?
    The reason that I’m asking this question is that I’m a banker and needs to know what really happens when someone says that he received money into his account from nowhere; cause as bankers we believe that every money being credited to his account has to have a source or a correspondent debit.

    Awaiting for your response as a man of God, I thank you for your consideration.

    Best Regards.

  3. pem says:

    Miracle money is man’s invention to arose the inner weakness of his fellow mankind. What the Bible tells us about miracles is of the Jesus kind; heal the sick, deliver the demon possessed and blessings. Miracles are supernatural manifestation that defy human comprehension. Money is not God’s creation, but the handiwork of man. The word is misplaced in its usage to promote the gospel.
    Any money without a trace of origin is from the devil. Angels do not steal money to fulfil the “miracle” command of God’s servants. God does not have world currencies stalked in heaven to rain down into your bank accounts. Note; money is not a natural creation and it is subjected to sin and iniquity, God will not partake in what is not his creation. Just like man hate to partake in what is God’s creation!
    In order to fulfil his earthly servants spiritual words of command for a miracle; be it money or otherwise, God sends his Angels of Actualization to the hearts of those positioned to favour you at that point in time. Those spoken to by the Angels actualize the word by crediting your account physically or through electronic means. Some may do that discreetly. Any miracle money in any bank account without a trace of source is evil money.

  4. Queenie says:

    Hey, I’m really concern about this because it actually happened to me. I was prayed to by prophet. I traveled To see him in different state, he told me, I will receive miracle money for the amount money I spend to take my time and go and see him. Came back few months later, found money in my account and totally has no trace. I’m so confuse, whether it’s a blessing money from God or not. In addition i have a strong believe in God, though I just recently started studying the bible, something just don’t feel right, I’m so worry. At first I had doubt in him, and I know he knows that I doubt whether he is true prophet of God..could this be his way of trying to prove to me that he is real, and that what he said has come to passed. It is said in the bible, you will know a true prophet by its fruits. But if he is really a true man of God, why do I have doubt in my heart? I prayed to God for a revelation for I do not want to judge anybody for its not my position to do so. I don’t know what to do, do I pray and use the money or should I give it away? If I use the money, will something happen to me?

    • pem says:

      Beloved of God,
      As your heart is troubled about the untraceable appearance of such money in your account. It’s the Holy Spirit, the spirit of conviction between good and bad manifesting itself in your heart! My counsel to you is put God to the test, take all the money and prayerfully sow it to the orphans, widows, strangers and poor around you. Tell God to show you the true financial miracle you need to sustain your life and those around you. I believe the blessings that maketh rich and added no sorrows will show up at your doorstep. Jesus is LORD!
      Continue to pray for the Holy Spirit to teach you the words in the Bible and to also open your heart of understanding, knowledge and wisdom, so that you do not fall prey to any spiritual scam. Prophets are sent to tell us the mind of God on issues and situations for the present and the future and pray either to avert it or make it come to pass. May God open our spiritual eyes as children for a better understanding of spiritual matters. Amen

  5. Tamfu Godwin Toyton{ Dr. Drums} says:

    I have read through, and my mind is full of joy and understanding. My Names are Tamfu Godwin Toyton, I wish that Great people of the the most high God like you to pray for me, I do not only wish to worship God but also to be a servant of God. Pray for me.

    • pem says:

      Tamfu, My prayer for you is for the Almighty God to reveal to you his purpose and plan for you through dream or vision. May Christ Jesus fulfil your heart desire. Amen.

  6. Khwezu says:

    I have been watching all about the miracle jobs, finance ,distitions,money and many more ..i would like to know if this is God or Devil miracles?
    They told me to believe in miracles, but now my life is drowing i am acting like an animal …i don’t know who am i anymore
    Plz help me

    • pem says:

      Beloved of God,
      Please do not despair, because Jesus Christ loves you deeply. I feel your anguish because hearing and seeing others share breakthrough miracles and is not happening to you can be distressing. Don’t give up on your faith work, because Jesus Christ said on the last days tribulation, hardship will come, but be strong of good cheer. Real miracles are from God and leave you happy and fulfilled, but fake miracles are counterfeit of the real thing. I have sent a Prayer Note to your email.

  7. QueenB says:

    Hi thanks for the previous respond.

    I have another question..
    How do you know a true prophet?

    Is it possible for God to tell prophet if the man your dating is the one for you or not?

    • pem says:

      Yes, that is one of the many gifts to prophets. Obey them when you receive such prophecy, they can see your future.

      • QueenB says:

        Can they read your mind and also prophesy your past?

      • pem says:

        Prophets are not mind readers, those who do are fake prophets using charms. True prophets are guided by the Holy Spirit -who scans you in an out. Remember, the bible in the book of Psalms says God searches the mind to know what is in your heart. Nothing is hidden from the Holy Spirit.

  8. Goitse says:

    Some prophets say that miracle is to prove to the unbelievers that God is able to do true?and they link it with the verse that says if you give it will be multiplied to if you’ve been giving either through tithes or giving to the poor God can multiply back to you through miracle money

    • pem says:

      The miracle money we are concerned with is the one that appears suddenly in your bank account without source of credit.
      Miracles are real.

  9. Ngachu Elvis says:

    Ngachu Elvis.thanks very much on the guide on issues concerning miracle.God wish for our lives is that we should know him through his words.more grace sir

  10. James Okorie says:

    Miracle money is real. A member of our church has experienced it before. if you want to know about the spirit behind a manifestation you most have the gift of descerning of the spirit and that is why you don’t judge spiritual thing through the physical.Please let us not limit God with our mentality. God Bless us all

  11. Madalitso Mota says:

    Lets leave all things in the hands of God the father of all the bible say do not judge because you can be judged also, so as for me I don’t believe in any prophet I believe in almighty God only…. If a prophet prophesy to you receive the message and pray to God for help in order for Him to confirm if what the prophet says is the truth “God will never leave in trouble He shall confirm to you” Humble yourself in these days don’t say any thing about anybody….thank you

  12. population says:

    thank u very much for telling us about miracle money. i was told by one of the prophet that am going to receive a miracle money but first i have to seed $45-00 into his account

  13. Benny says:

    Its not to limit God and what He can do, but as for miracle money its very obvious, when I was growing up as a child we used to see magicians who would come at our school to perform their magic tricks, they would turn water into kerosene, make money appear from without, turn people into different creatures. But my question is that where did these people get their power to do these miracles come from and this time we longer see these men, where have they gone? And today a prophet of God comes and does the trick and calls it miracle money, it is very difficult for me to identify who is for who here because there works are not different. (2 corinthians 11:14-15 “and no wonder! For satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose ending will be according to their works.

  14. Andy tsoji says:

    God ‘s blessing maketh rich and add no sorrow.

  15. PR MARTIN ODEKE says:

    Ah, for sure i saw such a prophet in Uganda, who told people to bring bags to recev money. but non got because we prayed

  16. ntombifuth Christinah Naude says:

    We thank God for wisdom may God help us now I understand clearly I was also looking for someone who will help with prayer for financial but always when I think to meet those people something come up then I will fail to go may God reveals himself to me and may he only help me financial freedom also to remember my dreams in Jesus name

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