Confession Of Synagogue Building Destroyers

The hostel building before its collapse

The hostel building before its collapse

The intrigue of this end time happenings is that more spiritual destruction would happen physically without evidence to proof otherwise in any of man’s administrative setups. How do you tell a policeman investigating a spiritually induced incident that you are not culpable because a demon or evil spirit caused it to happen? He would respond by telling you to tell that to the court judge! There are so many devil induced incidents happening around the world that man in his limited knowledge cannot decipher. The most recent is the Synagogue Church of All Nations’ guesthouse building that collapse on September 12, 2014 killing more that eighty people from different nations, majority of whom were South Africans. The agents of the physical Lagos State government investigated with all their human limited senses and found the Church culpable of building a six storey hostel with poor structural foundation. Under a human magistrate, an inquest setup to apportion blame of who was responsible, delivered their judgment asking the courts to persecute the Church and the engineers. This was despite the CCTV video footage showing an explosion activated demolition with the debris flying in all directions. Shown side by side with similar explosions induced building demolition in Nigeria, the Synagogue Church hostel displayed same characteristics. However, this did not sway the judgment to favour the TB Joshua’s led international Church. What did the perpetrators of this bastardly act hope to achieve? This was the question on everybody’s lips since the incident in 2014. How do you proof to the world that the devil has a hand in this matter without physical evidence or a confession? This has been the dilemma of both TB Joshua and the Church at large.

Today, the 25th of October, 2015, while giving her testimony live on Emmanuel TV after going through a howling deliverance ministration, Miss Cynthia Amarachi, a university graduate, claimed to be Lucifer’s wife and a She devil. She told the viewers that she was born as a triplet, but her other two siblings were in the spirit form without a physical body. The devil switched the baby in her mother’s womb and planted her and the other two. Physically, the mother was told after passing through a scan, there was only one baby in her womb. Main while, there were three, because the scan could not show the other two. She started manifesting her powers at the age of eight years while in primary school. The three of them grew up and were able to communicate and play together, while at same time unleashing terror and mayhem to the world. TB Joshua was a name they all hated in the Kingdom of darkness because of the destruction he was causing all over the world. So naturally they had to plan how to bring him to his knees. He was monitored 24/7 by Satan’s agents for one small slip so that they can strike, but found none. Though, she was not involved in the assignment, it was common knowledge in the demonic kingdom that TB Joshua would be attacked so that he would complain to God. They wanted to hear him say “Why God, did you allow this to happen to me?” This will mean he was questioning the Creator over what he TB Joshua has no control over, that is a sin. They will then take advantage and cause him more painful events so that he can complain the more. The court case, she stated is to keep him confused and unsettled.

As a further confirmation of the confession of Miss Amarachi, on the 7th of September, 2015, I was conducting a deliverance ministration in Abuja. The demons that manifested confessed to having an apartment in the property of a pastor with a renowned worldwide ministry. When asked if the fire their general overseer carries does not protect the pastor? The demon replied their GO has cockroaches in his cupboard. Asked about Prophet TB Joshua, the demon said he was a no go area because, he walks and acts like his Master above. He was tormenting their Kingdom so much, their master the devil  had arranged with demons from South Africa to cause the hostel building to collapse. That was the reason more casualties came from South Africa. Not all who came to Lagos, Nigeria for the pilgrimage were so intended. I was shocked by this demons confession and on the 11th of September, I sent an email message to SCOAN. God will continue to vindicate his Church and his servants whom he entrusted to manage it.

To the uninitiated, when a demon is arrested during deliverance ministration by the Holy Spirit; it’s the equivalent of a criminal being arrested and taken to an interrogation room. During interrogation by the Servant of God, so much can be learnt about the spirit world concerning people, issues and situations. Usually things beyond the physical realm are revealed; their ministry is to steal, to kill and to destroy. So when you arrest them in the body of their victim they know their time is up. Can these demonic confessions, be used as evidence to exonerate the accuse in the physical realities? That is the question waiting for an answer!!!

Phillips Eteng,


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3 Responses to Confession Of Synagogue Building Destroyers

  1. JT says:

    Manifestations on the Youtube channel “Shekhinahglory TV” are also revealing the same thing, that The attack on the SCOAN building was planned in the Marine kingdoms. Some of them say that These other prophets are false and they even give their names.

  2. Apostle A.M Mwaka says:

    Pray for me

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