A First Class Attitude To Life

Attitude Bob

Most people grow up with a complex problem which is either inherited or self imposed. For the rest of their lives they make themselves social misfits. If you check their language, they have more of “ it is only the rich who can make it in this society” or “ you need  connection to break through”. By their own words they set limitations which obviously hinder their progress in life. They  never stop for a while to critically examine the Bible or ask God Almighty questions concerning their present circumstances.

Whilst everyone around them is progressing, they become stagnant! Some people they probably started life with now own cars and landed properties. Their own excuse will be to give you a million reasons why mother luck has not shown on their lives. Some Christians believe that poverty is the next thing to godliness, so while people are progressing all around them, you find them cap-in-hand begging unbelievers for food and money.  Meanwhile, in Jeremiah 29:11-13, God said the he has a plan of welfare for you and not of evil.  He has planned a future and a hope of restoration and establishment for you.

If God’s word is true, then let that of man be a lie. Your attitude to life will determine your stand in society. Why do you need to be second best when you have been given the first position by virtue of your heavenly inheritance? God want you to enter life with confidence and boldness and not timidity! II Timothy 1:3. Just because you do not have a college degree or diploma or a rich relation, should not make you feel that you cannot make it in today’s society.

God has deposited in you a unique talent, which only you possess and no one else. It is only when you begin to pray for the manifestation of that talent that things will start to happen around you. Nothing will happen as long as you remain a state of stagnancy and are not seeking or asking God for its revelations. I remember when God relocated me to Abuja, the Nigerian capital city some years ago. I was intimidated by the glittering buildings and the palatial houses and state of art cars that adorned the landscape.  For a while, I lost focus because the small city where I had relocated from was far removed from the opulence of this big and expensive city called Abuja. For two and half years, I not only felt inferior, but thought I needed some big names to help me break-through!

I created for myself limitations which denied me a regular income to take care of myself and family. I prayed daily for God’s intervention on my plight, but it was to no avail.

The devil had succeeded in misdirecting my focus in the big city and for two trying years, I had nothing to hold on to, unless my faith. My attitude was not better as I saw those who were better positioned as the exploiters of the less privileged. However, my attitude changed after reading II Corinth 8:9-11, which said by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, he become poor, though he was rich that through his poverty you can become rich. And that the project you had kept aside a year ago go and work on it! I began to realise that the Bible holds the keys to all of our problems. First of all, I had to do something that was relevant to God’s purpose for me – I simply took interest in doing his work. In my case, it was a Christian magazine that I had abandoned more than a year ago. Psalm 37:4 says delight yourself in the work of God and he will grant you the desires of your heart. When James said a man with a wavering mind can never receive anything from God, he was absolutely right (James 1:3). God like people who are focused and know exactly what they want.

The demand of society may never allow you the luxury of being focused on one particular plan, but you soon realize that the most successful people in life are those who stick to one plan without wavering. I came to the realization that it is only by making my Heavenly Father know that I was interested in His work, that the rest of my life will be a work over. No financial problems, nor health crisis. A peaceful marital life and spiritual fulfilment. My circumstances then was at grand zero –no money, no job, a squatter, an over worn chino trousers and over washed shirts. I was a marketing graduate from one of the institutions in London and had lived for a long time in England. Despite this profile, my situation was not better than a beggar! What kept me going you may well ask? Plenty of faith! When I discovered the promise of God in Jeremiah 29:11 and II Corinth 8:9, I prayed as follows; “ Heavenly Father, give me a skill that people will know me for; and pay for my services which I will also use to finance the evangelical ministry you have commissioned me into. God, please I don’t want to run a begging ministry.”

To confirm that two believers are better than one, I met with the Senior Pastor of the Church where I fellowship to agree with me in my prayers. This happened late February 2001, and by March the Holy Spirit taught me everything I needed to know about website designing and internet consultancy.  Through this knowledge of the internet, I was able to design five major websites and also manage the accounts. Within six months, I was able to buy my own computer and several software, rented a flat, furnished it, put my children in private schools and bought a car for the family. The foundation for my evangelical ministry began with the publishing of a tract entitled “HOW SAFE ARE YOU?

We are an embodiment of the creativity of our heavenly Father, there is nothing you ask of him that will not give to you. Your intentions and purpose must be sincere for you to receive from him. The material blessings are a natural manifestation of the Spiritual blessings of God. “ Seek  ye  first the kingdom of God and its righteousness and all other things will be added unto thee!

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