African Women, Wigging Themselves To Hell?

African Women

The fad now where ever you look is to see an African woman or girl draping long hair to compliment their natural God given beauty. Over the past twenty-years, the demand by African women for long flowing hair has created a multi-million dollar business for companies all over the world. The demand is in two segments; synthetically engineered hair and natural human hair. The latter is five times more costly! In countries like Nigeria, which has the largest population of black Africans in the world, hair wigs as either attachments or weave-on has become a fashion must have item for most women. The same trend replicates itself across the black African race across the world including the United States of America and the UK. Those human hairs bought from India and other Asian countries carry demons from their various shrines and temples. The ones from Brazil are not different either, so any one who purchases this hair and attach it to their head, becomes spiritually linked to the original owners! It’s a tough war for deliverance gospel ministers who are burdened to set these captives free. 

Why has the African woman suddenly become shy of the hair God gave to them for a covering and turned to supplementary attachments? This is not far from the end time pangs highlighted by the Holy Bible in Romans 1:22&24 “because, although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened. Therefore God also gave them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonor their bodies among themselves,”. Any fashion that distorts the natural creation of God Almighty in your body is a design from the pit of hell to separate you from the glory from above. My people will parish because they have lacked the knowledge of the law of my creation, says the Lord. The envy of the long adoring hair of the white and semi-temperate coloured people of the world, by the African woman is what has led to the rise and rise in demand for these hair attachments among their folds. The Bible described these as the lust of the eyes! Many believed that wearing long hair or attachments enhances their beauty and attraction to the opposite sex. This is one of the many lies from Satan and his agents! Unknown to the patrons of these artificial and human hair products, the Kingdom of darkness is using it to covenant millions of women and girls of African origin to keep the black race in perpetual spiritual slavery. Ninety-nine percent of this hair, be it human or artificial, has marine spirit signature. Simply put, these hairs are demon infested. To the natural eyes it is beautiful! But to the spiritual eyes, it is demonic marine crowns on the head of these unsuspecting black African women. While some of those adorning these hairs on their head are very aware of its links to the marine kingdom, others just follow the trend ignorantly.

In a recent deliverance ministration, the demon that manifested told me they made the elder sister of the lady being delivered to go and buy human hair, a night before the ministration. Mean while, the elder sister told me she only felt an urge to buy the spaghetti style hair and wave it on. The demon’s reason was that should they be cast-out of the younger sister, the wave-on hair on the elder sister will ensure their continuous presence in that family. The devil is wicked! Many African families are being tormented on a daily basis, hence the rise in millions of Africans seeking deliverance ministrations from Churches. The ratio of women to men suffering demonic afflictions is about 3 to 1. Spiritually, the woman is more vulnerable to marine spiritual attacks, because of several factors too numerous to mention. Principal of which is the use of demonically designed products from the marine kingdom sold in the human market place.

The Churches in the black African nations of the world have to re-awaken itself from slumber and begin to enlighten their congregations on the use of these evil fashion products! It should not just be waved aside believing that all is well, that God only looks at the heart and not the outward appearance. Satan is using the outward appearance the Church is ignoring to recruit millions of women, men and children into his kingdom daily. Those who follow trends don’t look on the inside, but on the outside. African women arise in the beauty God has adorned you with and glorify his name in your appearance.

Evangelist Phillips Eteng

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