How Prophet Uebert Angel Tempted God & Failed


This wakeup call is to young and upcoming Ministers of God in these latter days of the coming back of Jesus Christ, our savior. As I have written in previous notes to those in the household of God, let us put the word and the spirit in harmony of our ministration. Satan, who is Lucifer, the devil is hell bent on pulling down servants of the Most High God and destroying the Church through worldly temptations. Shockingly as it sounds, many Ministers of God are falling into this evil snares in their numbers yearly. Prophet Uebert Angel, a young man in his thirties, who left the luxury of a growing Accountancy profession in Manchester, UK, for his economically deprived home state of Zimbabwe to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, is a case in view.

My interest in this tall and lanky preacher of the word, came through watching him on Miracle TV, his television outreach channel on Satellite. His charismatic charm in delivering the word and insight into the depth of a demonic victim’s source of trouble interested me. Suddenly in 2014, Miracle TV went off the airwaves, thinking that it was due to a technical problem, the channel remained out of circulation for a while, thus depriving us the Prophet prosperity and self achievement messages. One controversy Prophet Uebert Angel entangled himself in when fame within Zimbabwe got into his head was a demeaning comment against Prophet TB Joshua, the founder of Emmanuel TV. When confronted on this unfortunate comment by Uebert Angel , TB Joshua said he loves the young Prophet and therefore cannot join issues with him. In age and Ministry, Uebert Angel is a baby to TB Joshua and ought to have learnt from the trailblazing achievements of this mentor to shape his Ministry. I suddenly noticed that Prophet Uebert Angel was flaunting his wealth to his congregation across the world; the bait that attracts agents of darkness was being dangled.

He suddenly lost focus by launching a daily devotion to be in the league of Pastor Chris Oyekilohame’s   Rapsody of Reality with pomp and pageant using a Hummer Limousine. God, who has called us into his vineyard, has everything set out and when we work according to his will and direction continuity is guaranteed! When the television channel of Prophet Uebert Angel returned later part of 2014, it was rebranded to MTV and secular style music filled the channel probably to capture young audiences.

The straw that broke the Carmel back was a $300,000. Bentley car, which Prophet Uebert Angel made a worshipper to sow into his life, promising him that God will triple this blessings before the sower can say Amen! Unfortunately, the Host of Heaven did not uphold this particular lust of the eye of the Prophet and the sower reported it as a case of deception. As I write, Prophet Uebert Angel has flee Zimbabwe because he is wanted by the Police, and there is a case in the court against him for acquiring by deception a Bentley Car which he later sold to an unsuspecting buyer. His much loved channel  Miracle TV is not on air right now.

This is a warning to all servants of God, James 1:27 “   Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world.”  The biblical saying why do you want to gain the whole world and loss your soul, is playing out in the lives of many Christians in this end time hour! Pray for the Ministers of God, pray for the body of Christ for many are being drawn away by the lust of the eyes by that evil man. May Jesus Christ rein in your lives and homes and ministries? Amen.

Evangelist Phillips Eteng


2 thoughts on “How Prophet Uebert Angel Tempted God & Failed”

  1. Pray for him please.Who knows the LORD can restore him if he repents genuinely.He is a human being do not forget that.But lets all pray for him to make amends with whoever he hurt.

  2. Just a Question: since the time Apostle John Chime left the SCOAN for his New beginning in Cameroon has he ever invited His Spiritual father Prophet TB Joshua to go Minister in his church?

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