You Are A Star And Not A Grain

Stars of the heavens

It takes the special grace of God to become a star of the heavens. What is so unique about being a star instead of a grain of sand on the sea shore, you may well ask? Stars are special because of their ability to radiate light that cannot be hidden. While grains of sand are trampled on; sand provides soft cushion to walk upon. In the book of Genesis 22:17, God saw the obedience of Abraham when he instructed him to go and sacrifice Isaac and he obeyed. God was so touched by Abraham’s obedience that he vowed to bless him and multiply his descendants as the stars of heaven and the sand of the sea shore.

Most people never get to realize their God given ability because of either narrow-mindedness or stagnation. They continue to chase the wrong things in life and refuse to harken to the call and advice of people who love them. Their lives instead of shining remains in perpetual darkness; in one of the many parables our Lord Jesus Christ spoke to his disciples about was the one of maidens with lanterns. They were going to get their bridegroom in a distant land. As they embarked on the journey, only five of them remembered to carry extra oil. As they arrived their destination, the oil in their lamps dried up and the wick burned out. It was only the lamp of the five that brought extra oil that continued to shine (Matt 25: 1-13).

There are some of you whom God has lifted to heights some people may never reach in this life time, but because of greed, insincerity sin – all the blessings just vanishes as it came. Without Jesus being the central focus of your life expects your star status to fade as it came. All around us we see people from different walks of life who once shone and people looked up to them for leadership, but today they are a sad reflection of their glorious past. While at the same time, those who have discovered the key to keeping the wick in their lamp of life burning through Jesus Christ are still shining and enjoying the privileges of stardom.  In Matt2:2, the three wise men saw the star of a baby that was about to be born and whose birth will forever change mankind. As they followed the star they stopped over to pay homage to King Herod, the ruler of Israel, being of an evil heart, he asked them to tell him where the baby Jesus was after they have found him. They however, did not report back to him knowing that his intention is to kill the baby Jesus.

They are today in our society star killers. As agents of the devil, their stock in trade is to devise means of destroying God’s chosen stars. To overcome them, you need to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Flee from the lust of the flesh and the pride of fame, humble yourself before the King of Kings and the Lord of lords and he will lift you above your peers!

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