God Speaks On Nigeria

Here is the word of God to the messenger this day.
Nigeria shall witness a wind of glory never ever known by man. The scepter of him who is and is to come is stretched over the entire country. Let those be warned that are the architects of trouble and evil, for their days are numbered. The chaff in a couple of days from now will be blown over and the grains shall settle at the bottom of the basin. Let those who have ears hear what the Spirit of God is saying. For the words are not those of man, but the select of the Lord.

Has any man ever battled with God and prevailed? Goodluck Jonathan will settle on the throne, for I the Lord has ordained it so, until the set time. Prepare the hatchet and come out for the battle, have they not heard, I am the Lord of the battle? Be at peace and rest your mind all who are called the sons of God, for the world shall see the wonders of the Ancient of Days. These generation I have indignation against, I shall use Nigeria as a rod to strike the nations and cause their leaders to bow before me. Who can escape from my hands and live to testify? Have I not warned the leaders, but all their hearts are turned against me. Who has made them or have they given birth to me?

I have to avert the calamity the devil wanted to visit upon Nigeria, because of my agenda for this perverse generation that are worst than their parents. Anyone who pleads for mercy, I God Almighty will have mercy, but he who strives with my chosen has me to contend with! Beware all you children of the bounded woman, who have suppressed the truth and have enslaved my children. The storm of fury is coming upon you immediately.

All the people of the nation arise and sing songs of praise unto me and declare my glory upon the country. For I AM an awesome and terrible God! Says the Spirit of the living God who stands before the Host of Heaven and declares the mind of the Almighty to his servants and ministers.

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