Goodluck Jonathan Plan Exposed

Goodluck Jonathan
President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria

The arms of many are raised against President Goodluck Jonathan’s second term bid; the spate of criticism and desire to unseat him is shocking. The question that keep burning in my heart is why the campaign against the Nigerian President instead of the People’s Democratic Party, the platform that brought him to power? Can we attribute this singular action to his minority ethnic background? Some may argue otherwise, but from all analysis of the various attacks on the candidacy of Jonathan, two things stands out, ethnicity and religion! The President broke a generational jinx, that did not give the minorities in Nigeria any hope of a shot at the Presidency of the country. Jonathan’s emergence to the top of the country’s number one position was not a coincidence but a divine arrangement by God.

The Goodluck Jonathan Presidency is a testimony to those who are religious and believe that God at every level has ordained those who are to lead the people. No matter the storm and the rage, Satan can and will never truncate the plan and purpose of God. Obama’s emergence as the first ethnic minority President of the United States of America is a pointer and the Nigerian case is not different. The majority will always want to have their way, but God will always have his way in spite of bickering and complaint from those oppose to his choice. There is no man that comes to power from the crooked path that returns through the straight road of God.

Let us delve into the plan of God that brought President Goodluck Jonathan into the limelight. In 1995, while ministering to a selected congregation at his Prayer Mountain located at the Ikotun area of Lagos city, Prophet TB Joshua, then age 32, was sharing the visions of God for Nigeria. He stated that a time is coming when a man with a bowler hat will rule Nigeria and he has English first and second names. He described the native attire ascribed to that ethnic group in Nigeria. He said that God was sending him to turn the country around and that he was from an area that was unlikely to govern Nigeria. I came across this video while watching Emmanuel TV, the popular Christian Channel owned by TB Joshua in 2010. My interest in the Goodluck Jonathan presidency took a different dimension from just a stop and look to a research based. A prophecy that the person concerned never knew about being unfolded before my eyes and the world wasn’t one to pass over for anything! The Goodluck Jonathan presidency gave me hope and a sense of belonging that in Nigeria, a minority like me from the South South of the country can have a shot at the number one seat.

In 2011, when President Jonathan was traversing the length and breadth of Nigeria campaigning for his substantive presidential bid, watching him on the podium addressing the mammoth crowd, his oratory skilled lacked the political finesse. You didn’t need a soothsayer to tell you that this man is not a politician, but a man on a mission he could not control! I remember in his first address after his victory at the polls, he said one thing that keeps ringing bell in my ears, that change often brings challenges. And as a country in need of change, we must be patient and forbearing with the pains of change, but at the end Nigeria will be better off for it. We the populace of this great country have never had it that tough and rough in the four years of the Goodluck Jonathan administration, but the success recorded, especially, in agriculture and infrastructure is worth commending.

A man that is sent by God, always seek the face of he who sent him. Unlike many leaders, who on resumption of office often abandon God’s direction for man? I have watched with keen spiritual interest in time past, Jonathan’s pilgrimages to Israel and his handing over the nation of Nigeria to God whilst in the holy land. His kneeling before notable Servants of God and the Christian leaders of the Church in Nigeria in humility and being prayed for; its unprecedented! He can only be on a salvage mission from God. The summary of the testimony; before 1999, Goodluck Jonathan was not known in the political arena of Nigeria, the first Governor of his home State, Baylsa appointed him as his deputy Governor. His boss bowed out due to problems with the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) and he was left to complete the remaining tenure. He contested for the governorship and won a four year term, shortly after resumption of office, he was picked as the Vice-Presidential candidate for the ruling PDP party. His boss, Umaru Yar’uda died within two years as the President of Nigeria due to ill-health; he was again pushed to the front to complete the remaining two years of their tenure. He contested for the Presidency of Nigeria and he won a four year term, which will expire May 2015. Now he is seeking to complete the legal eight year substantive tenure allowed by the Nigerian Constitution by putting himself in for re-election.

In the light of a massive coalition, which has become Nigeria’s second political party and known as the All Progressive Congress (APC), what hope is there for Goodluck Jonathan coming back to complete the transformation agenda he had already started? Will God Almighty intervene in his favour as usual to complete the painful transformation he was ordained by birth to carry out in his native country Nigeria? Emmanuel! Emmanuel!! Meaning if God be for you, who can be against you? The world is watching!

Pray for the peace of Nigeria and all those who love her. Jesus is Lord.

Evangelist Phillips Eteng.

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