TB JOSHUA And Nigeria’s 2015 Election

Inec Chairman
Professor Jega, Chairman of Nigeria’s Electoral Commission (INEC)

What has happened in the shifting of the February 14th Presidential election to March 2015, is a further confirmation that God reveals to his prophets and messengers the truth of what is to come. If only our leaders will stop relying on their understanding and insight and seek the face of God through his chosen vessels, many societal ills would have been averted. The announcement of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Chairman, Professor Jega, of moving the elections ahead by six weeks due to the non-availability of key Military heads in providing the needed security to ensure safety of voters throughout Nigeria. The decision which was taken after wide consultation with the stakeholders is believed will help the electoral body achieve a ninety percent distribution of the permanent voters card (PVC); a vital component of the voting process.

Prophet TB Joshua in one his many prophecies early 2014, declared that he did not see the February election date fixed by INEC as tenable. He stated that he saw the election being moved forward. On the 27th of July, 2014, shortly after returning from his Colombia crusade, Prophet Joshua while addressing his congregation at the Synagogue Church of All Nations, Lagos, Nigeria, repeated again what God had shown him concerning the Nigerian 2015 election. The election will not hold at the schedule time! In a widely televised press conference, the INEC Chairman, Professor Jega, stated that the war against the Islamic insurgents Boko Haram in the North East of Nigeria will deny about six million eligible voters from voting. A situation which if not properly addressed could truncate the Presidential election, as four of the thirty-seven States, will not be able to participate in the general election. This according to him could be taken advantage of by mischief makers to take legal action challenging the legitimacy of the election since voters from these States would have been excluded. Thus, the decision to shift the election to March 28th for the Presidential and National Assembly elections and April !!th for the Governorship and State Houses of Assembly. During this time, he said, the Military would have finished their mop up operations against Boko Haram and be able to provide adequate security cover for the six hundred thousand National Youth Services Corp members deployed for election duties.

I see this shift as a divine intervention to avert the evil mechanization of Satan to scuttle the democratic process of the giant of Africa and cause humanitarian crisis for the Continent. Children of the Most High God, this respite is not to be celebrated, but a time for fasting and prayers for that evil shadow to be cast out of our Nation. Our prayer focus should be that Almighty God should sponged out those agents of darkness from among us and His glory take preeminence over our dear and only country, Nigeria. God bless this nation of prophets to the world!

Evangelist Phillips Eteng,

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