A Christmas Cry From My 15 year old

Paul is the last of five children, at the age of fifteen he towers above other members of the family at six feet two inches. His lanky frame and teenage face exposes his venerability. At that height and with the right diet he could be a famous basketball player – we use that to tease him. His uttermost desire is to roundup his senior high school and attends college in the United States. I support him whole heartedly! Study hard and make the grades in the public exams and your dream could come true – was my encouragement to him. But this Christmas eve, Paul was busy crying himself out without my knowledge.

Apparently the rest of the family was in the know except me, the father of the house! The secret was blown open when I called him to the balcony where I was whiling away the Christmas eve pressure. His eye balls did not show the usual sparkle, but rather were dull and red. Did he just wake up from an afternoon siesta or something, I enquired from him. His response was that all was well, I pressed on for an honest answer but all to no avail. So naturally as a Father, I left it at that knowing the truth would sooner or later surface.

My wife overhead me talking with Paul without any success, as to the reason for his countenance on a pre-Christmas day! A mother’s instinct had drawn her to the sobs of her last child in their room. What was Paul’s grievances, why is he crying when the rest of the human race are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of mankind? Shockingly, Paul’s cry was against God Almighty, whom he believed had disappointed the family by not sending a relief despite the months of warfare prayers and prophetic utterances to the family by notable men and women of God. He was even a witness when the Ancient of Days visited the house at the height of Satanic attack six months before this Christmas eve. Why should the house be without the usual Christmas turkey or fried chicken? According to him, since he came of age, to understand things around him, it’s been one spiritual battle after another. Despite the intense prayers and deliverances the whole family has been through, he had not seen corresponding financial breakthrough that will make him enjoy his teenage years. His question, can’t God silence once and for all those foundational demons that have not allowed the family to have a moment of respite? Paul’s young mind was in a quandary! He needed an immediate answer, so that he would not start doubting the ability of God to deliver on His promises. For seven years, a battle line was drawn between the Kingdom of Light and the kingdom of darkness in my family. The concentration of evil attack was on the family’s finances and my evangelical Ministry. I have had physical confrontations with these demons who have confessed their area of attack and their origination. Jesus and the army of heaven came and delivered us.

On hearing the grievances of my son Paul, I admonished him with the world of God in Psalm 100, Jeremiah 29:11-12 and Psalm 83. God is not slow in releasing the benefits of his package, but is thorough in the ways and methods he allows it to flow. I reminded Paul to remember the past happy Christmases, no matter how few they were and build his faith on the joy he experienced. In addition, I told him that the suffering of yesterday is easily forgotten in the abundance of today. Also that the Servants of God are experiencing unusual evil attacks to destroy their faith in God, but Jesus Christ, the Master has already warned us in Matt.24:7-22. We should not celebrate in the abundance of today, but jubilate that our names are in the book of life; which is the sole reason for marking the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ in the form of Christmas.

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