Why TB.Joshua Will Not Appear In Court ?

TB Joshua 2

It may not be the best of times for Prophet TB Joshua, as he battles with  the spiritual and physical forces employed to ridicule him as a man of God. My heart does go out to him as it would for any genuine Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the world. The tragedy at the SCOAN headquarters on September 12, 2014 is playing out to be a test of the supernatural versus the natural.  For more than twenty-five years, TB. Joshua has been operating in the supernatural. The gift of discerning of spirits combined with extra-ordinary healing and deliverance practice has pitched him against the evil kingdom controlled by Satan.  Apart from being a very controversial preacher of the word of God, he mastered the art of philanthropic gestures across the socio-economic spectrum.  He made mockery of those who amass public and private wealth without caring for the stranger, orphans, widows and the poor.  His enemies come in all forms and shapes.
His detractors and the  enemies of his ministry are hell bent on putting him on the dock!
This is intended to break the anointing aura God has put upon him by subjecting him to public ridicule in an incident he had no control over.  The Lagos State Governor, Babatunde  Fashola, was forced to speak out due to the pressure being mounted on him to close down the Synagogue Church of All Nations at Ikotun Egbe. His statement,” We cannot be stampeded into decisions that are based on sentiments and acrimony  with regard to the building collapse at the Synangogue Church. Due process will be followed through the inquest!”

Film and video footage of the incident at SCOAN shows without an iota of doubt, a controlled demolition exercise  that brought down the five floor building. Simulated with similar demolished buildings in Nigeria, the sequence followed a common pattern of collapse known as ‘the pack of cards” method. To further buttress these facts, the Police DPO, Alabi of Ikotun Egbe police station, in his submission on the building collapse inquest, stated that a low flying aircraft was reported from the police radio room to him. The policewoman on duty said the plane was flying too low for comfort. It was not long afterwards, the SCOAN guest house came crashing down. He posited that from the Church CCTV cameras, there were possible evidence of sabotage in the way and manner the dust and particles were seen flying into the atmosphere. He concluded that there is a possibility that  bombs could have been planted in the split unit air conditioners by a Judah within the folds. The police had swung into action and are investigating all possibilities.

TB. Joshua had requested that he be allowed to give written submission, but the Magistrate heading the Coroners’ Inquest, Mr Komolafe, insisted that the Prophet must appear in person. We all know the gravity of this incident is heavy, especially, for the Chief Mourner, who ordinary would be the most traumatized because it happened in his premises! He was forewarned by God while on crusade in Colombia, South America, thus his sudden return to Nigeria to see how the thick dark cloud would disperse. To show the world that TB Joshua is as ordinary as you and I, God hid the exact spot of the impending danger to him. God remains God and his will always will take priority over our human understanding.  Those who are asking for the head of TB. Joshua and the closing down of his Church in Lagos, should better tread carefully.  Remember what happened between King Ahab and Prophet Elijah in the bible ( 2 King 1:10-15).  God will always win and not put his chosen vessel to disrepute.

The area the devil want to use to disgrace TB Joshua and SCOAN is on the issue of the building plan approval and the contractor that handled the construction. We know that most of the construction that take place in Churches or other places of worship is often a congregational effort! Announcements are made in the cause of worship service for engineers, masons, carpenters, iron benders and those in the building sector to volunteer themselves. Churches are charitable institutions that cannot afford to award multi-million naira contracts for building constructions within their premises. Synagogue or any other Church would not want to subject their volunteer construction members to ridicule and spite. What signal would that send to those who may desire to volunteer their services to build in the house of God. Let those who have eyes see and those who have ears hear what the Messenger of God is telling the people. For the time of reckoning is around the corner!

Evangelist Phillips Eteng @ www.phillipseteng.org

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