How Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Was Trapped By Satan

The Cultist Man with Prophet JeremiahAfter His deliverance by Prophet Jeremiah

The times we are in are perilous and a warning to all Christians that want to make it to Heaven not to be unguarded. We should not be quick to judge or criticize, especially, where it concerns those chosen to handle the mantle of God on earth. In recent times, men of God have become the target of evil attacks which is meant to ridicule their calling and ministries. The divorce case of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the General Overseer of Christ Embassy, is one of many faith shaking events happening in God’s Kingdom. Ordinarily no one would have butted an eyelid, but for the fact that Pastor Chris is a major man of God with worldwide influence on millions of Christians. His influence on young people is phenomenal and any dent on his image would have negative impact on their perception of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

What could have happened, that a couple whom everyone saw as a role model, would suddenly file for divorce? Knowing that the Bible is explicit on the issue of divorce! Our Master, Jesus Christ, admonished married followers not to separate from each other. He warned that such separation is sin and leads to adultery. While watching one of the many Christian television channels on Satellite, known as Mercy TV and owned by one  Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin based at Warri, Delta State, Nigeria. An Occult master, seen above, was picked out of the thousands of worshippers who have gathered at the Church premises. The Holy Spirit revealed his sinister mission to the Church. The man came to the Church with his wife on the false pretence that his innocent wife needed fruit of the womb. But his true motive, not known by the wife, was to usurp the anointing power of Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin, so that he would be elevated to the position of Occult Grandmaster in Charge of West Africa.

Like Saul who in the bible persecuted and killed Christians before he was arrested by Jesus Christ through a blinding light shined from Heaven. This Occult master lost his quest to carry the trophy of a grandmaster, which would have been his had he succeed in destroying the anointing of the Man of God.  But his arrest by the Holy Spirit stopped him short of victory. He among many other evil kingdom exposé revealed what has been happening in Satan’s kingdom against the sons of God. He mentioned among the evil plots against genuine men of God, the planned destruction of Christ Embassy through its Founder and President, Chris Oyakhilome. He stated, though not explicitly, “that they caused the divorce filed by the wife of one prominent man of God in Nigeria. He said the plot was implemented several years ago when a thief who was a member of the headquarters branch of the Church paid blood money tithe to the Pastor.

In retrospect, a member of Christ Embassy, Lawerance Agada  an Account Clerk with Sheraton Hotel & Towers, in Lagos stole more than N39 million from his employees over time. Out of this amount he paid tithe to the Church and bought them a brand new Lister Electricity Generator worth N2.5 million. After his employers discovered his fraudulent tendencies, the economic crime busters of the Nigerian government were called in to investigate the Account Clerk. It was during interrogation he confessed to the police of his loot and how he distributed it, including the tithe payment and the purchase of the generator for the branch of Christ Embassy he was attending. Little did the Church Pastor know that this generous gift was from the pit of hell!

All attempts by the Management of Sheraton Hotel to recover the stolen money was rebuffed by Christ Embassy and they succeeded in defending themselves against returning the monies. Little did they know it was an evil seed that would grow to tear the Church from its roots (Pastor Chris and Pastor Anita). How blind has the Church of God become of spiritual meandering in this end time ! Awake you sleeping ministers…the devil is at your doorstep.

Churches and their leaders should arise from their slumber and begin to stop rhetoric on the pulpit and start bringing the word and the spirit together to expose agents of darkness within their folds. Jesus told us that he will build his Church and the gate of hell shall not prevail. Ministers of the Gospel should stop self-fame and uplift the name of Jesus above all self interests.

Evangelist Phillips Eteng


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