If Jesus Was Me, What Car Would He Drive? extract 2

Definitely not a Hummer Jeep! What we should be asking ourselves as Christians and Church leaders is this heart searching question. The answer we give will reveal to us the truth about our faith in Christ Jesus. In the days of Jesus Christ, there were different modes of transportation namely; chariots, horses, donkey, boats and walking. The fastest mode was the Chariot, because of the number of horses required to pull it. The second fastest was the horse mounted by its rider, the donkey was probably the slowest of the animal based transport modes. The speed of the boat was often determined by the wind current blowing on the sea. As we know, walking as a mode of transportation has been with us from time immemorial. On the day of Jesus triumphant entry into Jerusalem, he chose of all the animal base transportation system, the donkey! Does that tell us the true personality of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, which we have ignored in our world of prosperity today? This was Our Lords grandest day to demonstrate His Kingship over Jerusalem and Lordship over the inhabitants, but of all the grandest means of transportation, he chose a donkey….the commoners’ means of transportation. What we as Church leaders and members should learn from this is that humility and flamboyance are a bad mixture. One must be dropped for the other. As God’s chosen vessels, we’re to be exemplary to our congregation and community; in words, actions and deeds. Not like the Pharisees and the Sadducees who delighted in material opulence.

Today, some Ministers of the gospel display all manner of material wealth that dwarfs the humility of the gospel. The man of God represents Jesus on earth, in order for him to maintain the Christ like Spirit, he must always ask himself that question, if Jesus Christ was here what will he do in my position. When you carry the anointing of the Holy Spirit, He will announce you in whatever car you come out from. What is happening today is that the car announces the arrival of the big man of God. That is the shame of the worldly corruption of the Church. The personality of Jesus gave the donkey an honour that it never dreamt of in its life. Horse eat your heart out!

All manner of expensive clothing were spread before the donkey to walk upon, because the passenger was a King, the world was yet to acknowledge. What is the mode of your entry into that grand occasion?

This piece is an extract from the book ; IF JESUS WAS ME, WHAT WOULD HE DO? by Phillips Eteng


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