All through the ages, God has been speaking to men and women of diverse races, that He is God and nothing is impossible with Him! At the same time, the devil, has been speaking that man can do without God and still live a happy life? The question is can the created determine what the creator is? It’s impossible! There are many afflictions that you go through in today’s world, because the message has not sunk into your body system. Jesus, the word of God made flesh, said I am the way, the truth and the light  no one comes to the Father, unless through me. John 14:6

For you to receive the anointing in the word of God, the rehma- which is the life of that word, must be rooted in your mind and heart at all times. You must pray at all times that your heart and mind be in one accord, in order to overcome the trials of this present wicked world. The power in the word of God, when spoken by a man or woman with a united heart and mind, can move mountains. Faith is defined as believing what you cannot see. How can you believe in the awesome power of the Almighty, when the heart is praying and the mind is thinking about Arsenal and Manchester United!  Woe unto this generation of busy minds who are always doing the wrong things at the right places. God, your Heavenly  Father want you to change your mind set today.

I stand before you as a Messenger of the Most High God and a preacher of the  good news. God says I should tell you that you’re free from this very moment from that demonic spell over your life, in the Name of Jesus. Amen. The world has told you that your cursed that is why things are not working for you, But God Almighty, the defender of the defenseless, says I should tell you that all curses that have prevented you from moving on in life are now broken  in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

The message I have for you from the throne of the King of Kings and LORD of Lords, is “transform your mind set”. I am going to be referring to Mathew  5 and 6, James 1:6, 8, 21-27; Romans 12:16, Ephesians 4:22. Your mind is the only place the devil can manipulate to get you cheaply. He attacks your mind in order to blind your heart from seeing the truth and breaking the yoke of satanic bondage. Why does he attack your mind and not your heart? You see, the heart is the engine room of your body and the seed of light planted by God dwells in the heart. So Satan is afraid to touch your heart, it’s the temple of the Almighty God. When people are mad, it is their mind set that is affected and not their heart. Deliverance from satanic yoke is destroying the rubbish that the devil has piled up in your mind, so that your heart can be set free to align with the Holy Spirit. Praise the Lord. When God visits you as he would today, he searches your mind in order to know what is in your heart! And the Psalmist says, he will give you according to what he finds there…I believe that he will find repentance and a broken spirit waiting for his touch of grace.

My desire for you in this magazine is to help prepare your mind, soul and body to receive the awesome power of God, through Jesus Christ, that would be made manifest throughout your life. Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, left all the comfort of Heaven and came to earth to save you and me from the rascality of Satan. He came to remove the veil that has covered our minds, so that our hearts; the temple of God can function well again. What is the confirmation that he left all for your sake? Read II Corinth 8:9

We must sweep the rubbish out of our minds, so that our lives can focus on the word of God that carry the rehma of transformation. A mind that is not renewed in Christ Jesus is an enslaved prisoner of the world. How then do  you expect to receive blessings, break through, healing and deliverance from faulty foundations. You must renew your mind! The power of God can only manifest when the mind and the heart are in one accord  the two must be in agreement. Jesus, the Son of the living God came to change our mind set with the word and showed us what the power in the Word can do. These he did through signs and wonders. You may have come here with one problem or the other, expecting a solution. Your heart may be encouraging you to stay until you receive your solution, but what is your mind telling you?  The Bible says, he who sows to the flesh shall reap corruption, but he who sows to the spirit shall reap eternal life in Christ Jesus.  Your mind is a store house of what the flesh desires and if you allow the mind to tell you what to do in life  then you’re not far from trouble. Listen to your heart and bring your mind in subjection to the desire of the heart  and see the power of God at work in your life. It will level every mountain of problems troubling you and break through gates of affliction.

When you allow the imagination of your heart to build a picture of success in your mind, nothing can stop your greatness in life. David, was a young man after God’s heart. He allowed his heart to speak for him thereby bringing his mind under control. He was not intimidated by his environment, because the image in his heart was that of a victor or a conqueror. When he confronted the giant of the Philistine army, Goliath, it was his heart that ministered to him on what to say and do at that particular time. Your heart is the dwelling place of the Spirit of God, depend on it.  The Lord will keep those whose minds remained focused on him in perfect peace, because they trust him. ( Isaiah 26: 4-6)

In Hebrews 10:16, God says the covenant that he will make with you is this: He will put his laws into your hearts, and in their minds he will write them.  The way God created your heart is to hear his words and keep it , and then you would in turn write these words in your mind  through meditation. Repetition of these words is a simple way of writing them in the tablet of your mind. What part of the Bible do you recite regularly? That is your key to a healthy living.

Phillips Eteng. Evangelist

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