Your talent is that task that you do effortlessly. Everyone that is born in this world has a God given talent that is inherent.  All that is required from you is to discover the talent and develop it for the sake of mankind. You were not born empty, but filled with glory and honour an expression of Almighty God’s creative prowess. (Psalm 8: 4-6) The Bible says, God made you a little lower than the Angels and crowned you with glory and honour, so that you can have dominion over the works of his hands and put all things under your feet. Glory be to Gold Almighty. Amen.

Most people only use about ten percent of the inherent talent in them, while the remaining ninety per cent remains dormant. Today, the world is experiencing hunger in the mist of plenty and financial turmoil, because the Christian whom the Holy Spirit describes as the salt of the earth has lost the saltiness. ( Matt 5:13). You’re supposed to be a lender to nations and not a borrower! So stop chasing the wrong things in life and Begin to look inward and discover the talent you were born with. Some of you are contented with the 9-5 job routine, beyond that life is just management! God did not intend for you to manage life, but to live life more abundantly. The secret of abundant life is Jesus Christ, through whom all things were created.

Your destiny is in your hands and not as dictated by your situation or circumstances. Keeping that inherent talent hidden is simply denying yourself the foundation of a greater tomorrow, which is destiny realized! Search yourself, what is that thing that you do without stressing yourself and always enjoy the outcome?  Don’t look any further, that is your inherent talent. It may look or seem little at first, but with continuous practice and prayers, it will grow to become a giant tree. The days of little beginning is like a man who planted a mango seed, he waits patiently for the years it will take the mango to grow and bear the first fruits. Nurturing your talents into fruition requires discipline, hard work, consistency, perseverance and favour from the LORD.  Unfortunately, in today’s world, especially in Nigeria, our lives are governed by the syndrome known as “plant today and reap tomorrow!”

It took our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, thirty years on earth to fully manifest the spiritual nature of the Almighty God on earth. His earthly father, Joseph, a carpenter by training wanted his son Jesus to be trained in the business of carpentry! As an obedient Son, Jesus grew up assisting Joseph in the carpentry shed; he learnt all that was needed to turn a piece of wood into a useful household instrument. At the age of twelve, while on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem with his parents, Mary and Joseph, he manifested his talent for the scripture by teaching in the Temple. Remember that unique thing you did at a very young age and people around you appreciated it. That was your talent manifesting. It could be an idea you had to solve a particular problem affecting your community or the society at large.  Don’t bury it in a pot, bring it out into the open. An idea remains an idea until it is released for others to share in it.  Don’t go to the grave with ideas or talents that could have changed society. The world needs it!  ( II Corinth 8:9)

God will one day ask you what you did with the talent he gave to you. What would be your answer? I want you to know that you’re not an accident, that family whose surname you bear was selected for you by our Heavenly Father, before you were born. He puts you there for a purpose to make a difference and impart your society and generation. So stop procrastinating on what to do, just go ahead and do it! The key to open doors is the ability to seek the face of God in prayers. Make Jesus, the focus of your life and depend on him for directions, you can’t go wrong.

By: Evangelist Phillips Eteng


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