SCOAN Building Collapse : Who Planned To Disgrace TB Joshua?

Picture of Plane At SCOAN

The body of Christ has to rise up and fight the spiritual agents sent from the pit of hell to discredit the servants of God in the discharge of their earthly duties. All those who rejoice in the calamity of others, should be ready to face their own calamity sooner than expected. I was at my prayer mountain when I saw the internet headlines of one of the popular tabloids in Nigeria, The Punch newspaper, on the SCOAN building collapse. Surprised and shocked is an under statement, by the time I went to Google the news, the whole incident was a washed with the good, the bad and the ugly. My heart bled for these generation of hypocrites and self opinionated individuals. The rot in the attack on this man of God took a worst turn when the search took me to the blog TB Joshua Watch, these are a group of individuals who specializes in picking the spec of dust on the eyes of the man of God, but leaving theirs to build up to blindness! Beware all of those who use their God given talent to harass, embarrass and ridicule servants of the Most High God, your reward will henceforth be instant. Jesus Christ, who has called these men to His service is angry with you, for you’re making tears to come down His eyes. Your evil works is affecting a generation and leading many from the path of light to darkness. Jesus is asking you now, Can’t you See all that is happening around you….nations are approving the same sex marriages, the youths have embraced satanic cults and many communities are devoted to idols, what are you doing about it? The wrath of God is coming swiftly be ready to face it!

The SCOAN building collapse is orchestrated from the pit of hell to weaken the ministry of the Man of God. From the picture you will see a dark spot, that is the jet that circled the six story building four times before it collapsed at the Ikotun Egbe headquarters of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN). The building collapsed like a pack of cards, who flew the plane and why did it circle over that part of SCOAN four times? Thank God for the CCTV footage, the experts will have plenty of realistic evidence to work with so that rumor mongers will eat their evil pie.

Our prayers are for the families of those who lost their lives and the injured who are receiving treatment. May God increase the faith of the living to serve him the more even in the face of trials and challenges. The devil has released a barrage of arsenal to attack the true servants of God operating in Nigeria. This is not the last incident we should expect in the Church of God in Nigeria. Many more are on the way, so be on guard and watch and pray for Satan is prowling around your neighbourhood.

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