Deliverance From Demonic Gun Shots At SCOAN

 The year 2010 was for me a major turning point in experiencing the awesome power of God. I had closed down my office in the Central Business District of Abuja back in 2009. I had combined the evangelical ministry with running a property company. One re-occurring decimal was that the more high priced properties were entrusted to my company, the more demonic attacks increased. If all we had on our portfolio was anything to go by, the company’s net worth would have been running into hundreds of millions of naira!  It was as if the harder we worked the less we saw of the returns, mean while, our associates were making millions of naira in revenue. The decision to close down the office and save myself from bankruptcy became the best thing to do. By August, 2009, I was in a state of confusion because  debts resulting from a failed luxury block of flats were outstanding. How do I pay those depositors who could not be accommodated in the limited cash in the bank? Here was my nightmare!

Taking a cue from the example of Prophet TB Joshua in his support to the stranger, the fatherless and the widow. I had compassion on a widow who had been moving from one office to the other pleading for help. For six months after I closed my office, I was taking care of the widow because of the love of God. To my greatest surprise, from January 2010, God Almighty placed me in the position of a receiver and I found myself being blessed financially. I was able to settle the outstanding debts by June, 2010 and went into a surplus by July. The financial rain continued and by September, I spent half a million on the renovation of my house. At that point my mind did not link the financial flow to the widow I had compassion on in 2009. The unique thing here was that I was not working but depended on the grace of God and the favour came in the form of advisory consultancy fees.

The demonic kingdom did not just like the joy and financial flow coming my way, because for years that has been the major area of attack. In September, whilst asleep, I was ambushed by some demonic mobile police officers numbering about five as I made my way to my car. They challenged me by demanding to know why I was out when there was curfew in the city. Before I could answer, they shot me through the throat and the ribs. I found myself falling but shouting Jesus, save me. I woke up from this sleep shaking. Through out that month I could not feel my body as I used to so I went for a medical checkup. The result; my blood pressure had risen to 160/90. My Doctor was alarmed because I was not a blood pressure patient. He placed me on blood pressure drugs and for one month I was holed up in my house on bed rest just to bring the pressure down. My wife and I decided to visit the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) late November, after the blood pressure hit 200/90.

It was our first visit as a couple to SCOAN. When Wiseman Daniel came to where we were sitting, he touched my head the first time and I reacted, the second time he touched me I was flat on the ground. All I saw was darkness and when my eyes opened, I felt a new breath that was full of life and peace. As we got back to our hotel that night I saw everything in its true light and slept afterwards like a baby. Since 2010 to 2013, I have been off BP drugs. Glory be to God. Amen

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