The view of the valley from where I was standing was awesome. I could see as far as the eye could see in the distance. Dimly lit lights shone from the houses in the flat plains below. I noticed the absence of the harsh sunlight I was used to, especially, at that time of the day. It was probably late afternoon and it was  dusk. As I stood looking at the exodus of people heading towards the hill, where I had vantage position, my eye turned right and behold on a high hill a few yards away from me were white crystal like shapes protruding from the ground. I was amazed at such beautiful sight.  The shapes of crystallite seem to glow in the dusk of the day.

As I regained my composure, I noticed various booths positioned all around me; as if a trade fair was about to take place. The arrangements of the booths were such that the number of people in the booth determined it size.  It was then some one told me the rapture had taken place on earth; the booths he explained represented the denominations of the Church of Jesus Christ on earth.

We walked around the area where the booths were mounted; some had nobody occupying them, while others had one or two persons sitting inside. My guide told me that the booths that were empty represented those Churches whose leaders could not make Heaven. I was terribly sad! Those that had two, meant only two Ministers from the denomination were raptured. Of all the booths that were there, only one had about three people sitting inside. This, I was later to understand was the only ministry that was preaching the true gospel and winning souls for the Kingdom of our God.  Fear gripped me the more.  Which ministry is this, I asked myself? There was no answer!

The crowd of raptured believers continued to make their way towards the hill, where the light of God was radiating. My thought shifted from the booths representing the various Churches to the crowd from the valley; there are more than five billion human beings on earth, are all these that were raptured, I pondered. I was disturbed by the small size that filled the valley plains. By our share size as Christians, I thought, we should over run the entire valley and beyond. But my guide told me that those were all the Christians that made Heaven. I didn’t know whether to weep or mourn for our generation!

My attention was suddenly distracted by a familiar friend of mine from earth. As we walked around the trade fair like environment, we soon found ourselves at the fringe of the area exploring the white crystal shapes. No sooner had we started, that I found myself drifting with him towards a straight road with a never ending horizon.  We were being moved by a force stronger than ours, I knew it was the road that led to hell. Suddenly, I halted, but my friend continue drifting to a big fire hole with hot flames shooting out of the earth. He was swallowed by the fire hole.

After this horrible scene, I found myself back to the booths representing the Churches. I made my way to a giant gate, where I saw some people gathered and waiting for it to be opened. The waiting crowd were made up of men, women and children from all tribes, creed and colour. They  were all waiting for our Lord Jesus Christ to come and open the giant gate that lead to the palace.  It wasn’t long before the Lord came and stood near me as he made his way to open the giant gate. I then asked him, where are the mansions he said he had gone to prepare for us? To which he replied that they were inside the palace. Behold, as he opened the giant gates, the floor was  glittering with gold that had been thoroughly refined. He then told the crowd to go and occupy their mansions inside the palace.

As I went in search of my mansion, I was awoken from this beautiful vision by the alarm of my mobile phone. It was the dawn of another day on earth and the continuation of our daily chores.  Unlike other days, this particular day was different because of what the Lord had shown me in Heaven. A lot was yet to be done by our Christian leaders to prepare the Church for the coming rapture. Sadness was written all over my face, because my familiar friend drifted to hell and I could not save him. All I needed to do was tell him about our Lord Jesus Christ, while we are still on earth. There is no repentance in Heaven!

Oh, Lord God! Give your children the grace to witness your saving mercy to the Children of this generation. We have compromised too many Christian principles for the sake of filling our Churches with worldly people in worldly attires. Purge your Church, Oh God; and let the shame flow out into the gutters of the world. Holy Spirit of the Most High, let thy revive enter into our homes, families, nations  and the Church for a better yield of Heavenly souls.

Phillips Eteng .


visit my website at: http://www.phillipseteng.org

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